Sapper Mag for Officers?


Maybe I am imagining it, but isn't (wasn't) there a monthly magazine in A5 format for RE officers? I guess it was probably called Ubique, obviously! I am after a back copy, if such a thing exists.
RE journal? :? It gave info on commissions/promotions/posts.....not many pics mind :lol: ...unlike the RE yearbook i saw a few times 8)


Thank you!
front cover :?: :?: :?: :?:



Royal Engineers Journal. Used to be A5, now A4. It is the publication for the Institution of Royal Engineers (which is all RE officers and WOs).

See here:

But the link for the journal is members only. The Museum will have back copies.
So long as you are a LCpl or above you can become MInstRE. Goes hand in hand with Eng Tech qualifications etc.
I haven't bothered with the Eng Tech. I am already ICIOB which is a grade above Eng Tech/ACIOB.
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