Sapper Lodge

does Sapper Lodge still exist, and if so does it welcome ex Sappers on their travels? Can't seem to find any reference to it on't t'internet.
Thanks for any pointers.
it was in kranzegg i hazily remember

oh well, thanks for checking in Men, sad when things like that go.


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It was Dachau if I remember correctly through the fog of Engelbrau and Asbach......
105AVRE said:
loved my time on Snow Queen :twisted:
what you can remember of it. 8O
Spent a week in the Sapper Lodge whilst with the RAOC and it has to be said, it was a cracking lodge and we we made to feel very welcome.

Although, after a nights Weizen drinking, listening to the stream outside didn't do much for my bladder control. 8O

Attached a pic from the bar for nostalgia reasons.


105AVRE said:
the 10hr coach drive down from Hannover! :p
we did it from berlin in 4 tonners :(
Remember getting the last ski lift up and sitting in the bar at the top of the hill behind the lodge. Once it got proper dark they unleashed us and gave us a flaming torch to scorch the arse of the guy in front. Last one back to the lodge buys the beers! Happy days!



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we had the Crow bar in Osnatraz spent 4 good years of my youth their .
I f you mean the other kind of sapper lodge there are two in uk but they are mixed now and not all ex /serving sappers. Ubique and Engineer lodges .
It was sold a few years back, but the money was used to subsidise RE AT in Germany. Wouldn't have thought there is much left now, but at least there was some benefit.
Spent several winters there to learn the fine art of ski-ing (after doing 1 week of mind boggling boring dull X-country ski-ing (sorry Diesel)) and of getting drunk.


Shame that this institution has also closed it's doors. I spent a few winters in Scaly ski accommodation and Sapper Lodge was, by far, the bees' knees. I mean, that bar!!!!! :thumright: Trips into Kempten in a 4 tonner, with guys ski-ing on the roof!! :excited:
Getting kicked out of teh Rose's nightclub/disco/whatever by a mate who grassed me as being a squaddie, the barsteward.

Excellent times were had by all.
i was an instructor there from 1981 to april 82 when lodge was at vorderberg. was still being used by R.E.s when i was posted back to U.K. sept 83 mate.
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