Sapper KIA another insider attack

Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by FEASG, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. RIP and condolences to family and friends.
  2. RIP brave Sapper
  3. is it me or is this happening too much now insiders killing guys who are helping them i dont get it .
  4. Rest in Peace and my condolences to the family.

    Speedy recovery to the wounded.
  5. RIP Stand Easy. Is this happening because after we pull out the Taliban will be in control again and any collaboraters will be punished so they're racking up brownie points before we go? Too many to vet properly is also a factor I think.
  6. RIP brave soldier.
  7. The vetting process is a joke because they are just trying to build numbers up for the ANSF. I've wasted precious time of my life in that shithole and so has everyone else who has served there. It's not worth anyones life that place.
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  8. Such a waste of life for what?
    Pull the lads out now and let the Afghans murder each other, that's what will happen anyway.
  9. RIP fellow sapper, far too many insider attacks recently...
  10. RIP to both lads.