sapper(in the near future...if all goes well)

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by JJ, Aug 11, 2004.

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  1. JJ

    JJ Swinger

    passed selection!!!going for Royal Engineers(electrician).
    phase 1 will probably be starting on the 25th october!!
    hope that goes well!!!really looking forward to it!!
    so how "hard" is phase 1???
  2. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Not very hard. Enjoy it.
  3. Don't worry about anything you've seen in "Bad lads army" won't be getting any of that.Start going out on an evening and do a few runs...nothing a good start.
  4. Most important thing is keep a sense of humour and remember you will be a long time in training what with phase one (Basic), phase 2 (Cbt Engr) and phase 2a (trade) its important to remember training is not the field army.

    Other than that welcome to the Corp Of Royal Engineers !! best damn job in the Army
  5. Once your in thr CORPS find something adventrous to do i.e Sailing, mountaineering, freefall parachuting (something like that)and go on every jolly you can. we seem to have a problem getting young soilders off their playstations. Rember join the Army see the world!!!!!
  6. Totally agree, that's the main problem we have at phase 2 training. Hand and eye co-ordination are great, but at phys they are crap!
  7. Keep your mouth shut in the lake, its full of rats pi*s! (Weils disease anyone?)
    And avoid "The Crown & Cushion" its full of local pikeys and chavs itching for a game of "Slap-a-sapper"
    Otherwise, have fun! :wink:
  8. Keep your mouth shut in the lake, its full of rats pi*s! (Weils disease anyone?)
    And avoid "The Crown & Cushion" its full of local pikeys and chavs itching for a game of "Slap-a-sapper"
    Otherwise, have fun! :wink:
  9. most interesting job in the Army!).I joined straight from Orphanage,did the training at Cove,Trade training at Chatham,then to Sqn,and off to Aden.Later went to Sandhurst and Cambridge Uni,and had lots of interesting jobs(some non Sapper).The things I liked about the Corps:

    aa.On operations others are always glad to see you,as you can always help.
    bb.Working with a bunch of really intelligent and good guys(even the bad ones were good!)
    cc.Friendship,particularly in adversity!
    dd.Sappers are great soldiers too!

    The things that got up my nose:

    aa.The Corps keeps it's light under bushells.We need better PR and we deserve it.
    bb.Most Royal Artillery Officers
    cc.Officers from other Regiments who complained when I sent J/NCOs to O Groups.IMHO they were lucky to get such high quality people to sort out their problems!

    Staff safe and lucky.
  10. I am also goin to apply for driver specialist in the engineers.. I am lookin forward to it, start in the summer time! Anyone done the 12 weeks drivers course?
  11. And whatever your training NCO's tell you about the Lanyard Story it is all true, Corps History and Corps Pride, Feel it, breathe it, Live it... and when you get to your Unit get yourself down the DIY Shop beforehand and equip yourself with some tartan paint, a long weight (wait), a skirting board ladder, a couple of Spirit Level bubbles and half a dozen sky hooks... And when you are given a sealed envelope to deliver to the Squadron SSM don't think its usual that you'll have a running chainsaw in one hand and be wearing a helmet with visor down when you hand the SSM the envelope, its quite the norm!

    Enjoy your time in the Corps you'll be proud as you like when you finally get that cap badge and lanyard ; )

    Ubique! 8)

  12. Basic training is easy. Combat engineer training can be pretty hard core at times. Get used to hearing wall or piano. Be a plantie or a fitter because they're the only trades you'll do all the time. Don't try and jump start the wacker when you're told to.
  13. on D-1 god created the combat engr and smiled with pride, as the Cbt engr helped him constsuct earth. On D+1 the Cbt Engr plucked an arse hair and then the armourd and the armourd engr was created......
  14. Another chunkie with a chip on his shoulder. I was originally traded as H and P but after 2 months on course binned it and re traded to POM. Never looked back. I was at Gate 3 in Kosovo 2 years later filling HESCO in a LWT. It was December. The chunkies were in full robin hood, 95 kit, full goretex, artic mitts, deptury dawg hats, wearing pro boots and were still cold. I was in my LWT in tropic trousers and a t shirt. Wonder who had the better deal then. :lol: Go back to your orange poling. For your info I am a B1 knocker as well so can do your job and mine.