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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Spr_og, Jun 4, 2010.

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  1. After a bit of info if you can help,

    As a full screw engineer what sigs courses can I do? should of also said my trade is CIS,

    the only bowman course I've done was on my RSIs does anyone know if you can do BSM as a Cpl or is there any other decent bleep courses.
    My knowledge and experience are lacking a bit as I've been otherwise employed for the last few years and think that this will hold me back from progressing if I don't address this now.


    Bleep Bleep
  2. Why don't you ask in the Engineers forum ?
  3. Surely someone with your username would know why?!

    We don't have people at Blandford (that I know of anyway), plus I thought you lot would be the experts..........obviously I was wrong!!

  4. Move along, no mong posts please 8O
  5. The vast majority of Blandford courses are R SIGNALS only and they train people to carry out tasks which HQ SOinC(A) have identified as being required for R SIGNALS PIDs. The only exceptions are really the Bowman-related ones, including App Spec. Mind you they also do strange extra ones like programming (mainly for RAF airframe computer geeks) and IT service management, but they're a bit specialist and it'll be difficult to justify as an RE Signaller.

    So, I don't think there's going to be much that you are actually allowed to go on, as they aren't just "skills top up" courses. Hopefully someone can answer your BSM question.
  6. Cheers for that,

    I've spoke to a couple of lads about the App Spec course but I was told you actually do very little Bowman until the last couple of days.

    I'm on a Bowtag course this week so hopefully I'll get an answer there about my BSMs.
  7. give the CIS wing at Gib a call and speak to the SMI (WO1 B*******). Very approachable guy so sure he'll be able to give you some advice