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Right just thought I would put a bit of a feeler out and see if there is anyone out there that used to play or still plays Ice Hockey for civvie clubs, and haven't been told about Ice Hockey in the Army. There are a few of us in the Corps that are looking at getting a Sapper team up and running. There are a few teams at the minute representing the likes of the RLC and REME. We are currently not represented in Ice Hockey and now that it is a recognised sport we need to get a team out there. For those that are in Germany there is the multi capbadge team the Rhino Raiders. They play in Herford every Sunday. If you are interested then find out more information from your unit Ice Hockey officer. Please ask if you need any more info on the Raiders or Corps hockey.
I didn't even realise there were any other sports until someone told me there was a game called football? Apparantelly it involves running around on grass kissing each other and falling over alot. Each to their own as it is legal in the Army these days.
Hey there, i start basic in october for RE Electrician and ive played Ice Hockey for 9 Years be nice to know that theres a Ice Hockey team and get back into the sport seeing as i havent played it for a year! Got to a fairly good level Assisnant Captain twice and Two leagues won :)
There was a letter sent out a few months back to all Regimental hockey officers asking about interest in ice hockey and training up coaches.

I'll dig up the letter and get the contact details for you.
Ice hockey has grown from strength to strength in the Services over the last ten years with a community of over 600 players. The Army will seek to secure a record breaking fifth consecutive Tri Service Champsionship this June in Sheffield.

The Army Ice Hockey Association consists of teams from across the Army including AAC, AGC, INF, RE, REME, RLC, R SIGS. Additionally, AMS, RA and RAC teams are in the pipeline. If your Corps is not represented you will still be able to play under the banner of the All Stars.

The Army is the biggest supplier of firepower to the UKAF team with players recently competing in overseas tournaments in Australia, Canada, Finland, Switzerland and soon Latvia (May 17).

The AIHA welcomes players of all abilities.

Interested? Get in touch.

Army Ice Hockey Association
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