Sapper Firsts

Things wot we done first?

Could be good for Corps pride/shame. Also will promote visits to museum.
Ballooning (1865?)
Fixed wing aircraft
Parachute instruction
External aircraft seating INTO combat
Steam traction
Motor transport?
Fortification construction
Go on, list seems endless.
Well we are in the bible:

After Eve eat the forbidden all that was left was the Corp!

As told to myself during JLRRE.

Edited to add - so not alot of things came before us !
whit_RE said:
Building BBQ's...we must have built the 1st NAAFI though...
Best we err quietly forget that one..... Don't want the blame for that mahuosive c*ck up do we.....
creating the "ENGINEER" drink, what a creation i may add.

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