Sapper Diver Training

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by btf_29, May 22, 2011.

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  1. I've just finished a RE Potential Officer's fam visit, and thought it was one of the best visits I've experienced so far.

    On it, we were told about 23 and 24 engineers and whilst the recruiting officer was quick to admit that both courses were pretty nails, he told us about the Diver's course being particularly hard.

    I've had a quick look about the site and the internet and can't find to much information about it, so was wondering - what kind of selection and training does the course involve?

  2. Not a nice course apparently. Worked with a guy at Aegis who'd bashed out AACC, P Coy and Divers and said each were equally as hard. He also had a penis the shape of a boomerang.
  3. Does the boomerang shaped genitalia have any bearing on pass rates?
  4. ive a friend there currently, hes completed AACC but says the (is it the army divers selection course) was the lowest point of his life!

    sounds horrific
  5. OK, not a current Diver left in ‘92

    Trained in 70’s and became Supervisor and enjoyed Kiel on the Baltic.

    Chat with your Unit Diving Officer (if there is still such a thing) or visit the school for in depth brief.
    Be fit – very fit – but more importantly enjoy working in the cold, dirty , dark. There were the odd “swans” out of unit on the basis that diver’s are needed for Adventure Training (again, if there is still such a thing). It did involve out of hours work, kit maintenance etc.
    But, if you really want to **** people of on a dry exercise (again, again, if there is still such a thing) where the white jersey (issue kit - jersey submarine - and drink rum – issue for arduous work.

    Oh, and be paid extra.

    But really do it for the experience to test yourself to see what you are capable of, and to help the corps.
  6. Is the army course the same as the navy course? They're both at Horsea Island and the navy website has more information.
  7. Old mate of mine from my troop at Dover was OC RE diving courses.

    Be afraid, be very afraid!
  8. Only in the same way that p coy is the same as completing jumps course I'd imagine. Being slightly flippant there, ive no idea what the selection for navy diver is like but a bloke on my troopies course had done RE diver and it didnt sound particularly enjoyable.
  9. .
    A boomerang shaped penis will aid you getting into a wetsuit more easily.
  10. The fitness standards in the link you posted arent particularly rigorous and are broadly in line with the basic PFT pass standards that all soldiers, irrespective of trade, should be meeting. Not reflective of what the RE diver course entails from the accounts I've heard.

    If you want to be a sapper join the corps first, worry about specialist trades and arduous courses later. If you want to be a sailor join the navy. There are is ample opportunity for sports and recreational diving in both.
  11. I am not a diver, but have had diving teams in units I have commanded. There has always been a close association between RE and RN Diving, since we started it back in the 19th Century before the Navy got into the act. There has been a joint RN/RE diving school for many years, originally at HMS Vernon in Portsmouth and now at Horsea Island.

    It is reputed to be a tough course, including running across mud flats in full diving gear. Divers do many of the tasks underwater which other Sappers do on land, eg welding, demolitions etc. They also are trained to search for weapons and IEDs underwater. In Northern Ireland back in the 1970s and 1980s one of the roles of RE Diving Teams was to search for IRA weapons caches, hidden in their favourite place of cess pits, so it was interesting diving in that.

    In my day all Sapper units had Diving Teams, including Para, Commando and EOD. I suspect that is still so today.
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  12. Was an RE Diver .Served at the dive school and our course is way harder than the Navy ships diving course .Dont listen to other people just go for it and good luck .
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  13. Did that affect your ability to get it past your tonsils?

    OP just make sure that you are very fit as the fitness side of the course is very testing.
  14. I heard for the first year they keep you in a glass tank, transport you to village fetes and recruitment gigs and you have to blow bubbles and wave at children and pull an occasional face
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