Sapper Bar Army v Navy 2011

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by biffins-bridge, Jan 6, 2011.

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  1. I'm taking young master Biffins to the Army Navy match in May and obviously want to have a few shandy's before and after the game, perhaps teach him the virtue of partying naked, a few verses of 'we are were are etc' and how to play 'map of Africa' and 'freckles' before letting him carry his dad back to the train station. Does anyone know whether he will be OK to go in the Sapper bar if I get him a wristband - he will be 14?
  2. No problem whatsoever loads of youngsters knocking around usually, however, if it is the same location as the last few years, it is more like the Sapper Car Park in the dark damp underworld than the Sapper Bar in the lovely May sunshine.

    I suppose that’s the price of having such a huge contingent ^_~
  3. Cheers mate, the concrete bars at Twickenham are a bit grim, I was there in the freezing cold last november, at least it won't be as cold in May. Best get my tickets when they are out!
  4. Unless you have a good regimental contact you need to be quick of the mark mate, they go on sale on the 17th Jan, however, demand always outstrips supply. See Here
  5. I'd been on the Sapper rugby site and seen that tickets/wristbands are on sale on 17th and was just going to chance my arm. I've been out 15 years now and don't have any good contacts still in/involved so here's hoping!! If I don't get a wristband, we'll just have to find a pub to slum it in.
  6. To be honest mate, due to the prices a lot more people are staying away from the ground and drinking carry-outs outside the Cabbage patch or across the road until closer to kick-off over the last couple of years.

    They then use the bar after the match because of the late opening (closes about eight)
  7. Same as Internationals then - the bar prices are just f ucking stupid. i can't understand it, if they were just a bit cheaper (i.e. you didn't feel as though you'd been rolled over by a band of thieving bstards) every time you went to the bar - they would make more money as people would drink twice as much. I think it was nearly £5 a pint in November, I got the first round for 6 of us and nearly shat myself!!
  8. The pubs in town close at 8 as well, but this year due to Quins playing at home on the same day, what's the betting that town closes quicker?
  9. What I kind of meant is it’s easier to stumble into the bar that’s closest after the match and those on coaches hang around until their departure time so the Bar is bussier than before kick off.
    It was £4.00 a pint last year, I guess that they have decided they have had to round it up to £5.00 because their profit margin is not big enough. If they are not careful the overall price of the day will soon become just too much for a lot of people
  10. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Tickets reserved.. They are now available, the new contact is on the sapper rugby website. As for town shutting all the pubs, we dived into an italian up the other end of town last year and when we came out all the pubs had re-opened.
  11. You made an interesting point yesterday WC. I think you were mistaken about handing over the largest bar over to the largest Corps tho'!
  12. Another option is to take the free buses at the back of West Car Park that go into Richmond where the pubs don't shut 'til normal time and they're not too busy, although it's not far off £4 a pint there as well but there's also couple of eateries and the train station's close to most of the pubs. Worth considering perhaps?
  13. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    As you know P-T our bar/cavern in the south stand is for 5000 illustrious members of the corps, yes we have the biggest bar and as a transferee from the RE to the RLC you are also aware that our space for 5000 is only enough space for 2000 of your fat full screws!!
  14. Ticket confirmation through today...yes! Looks like there's a massive demand from us ex serving types (-;=
  15. Ticket confirmation e-mail received, cheque in the post!