Sapper Bar - Army/Navy 2013

Usually, by this time the board is full of serving and ex sappers looking to get their grubby mits on A/N tickets and ,more importantly, the Corps bar wrist bands.
Is this lack of posts down to the abundance of tickets or due to the fact that a high percentage of the Corps who've so far escaped/ not put in for the chop are currently sappering elsewhere?
P.s just checked the weather forecast and whilst not expected to be as cold as last year, still expected to be wet, so the bar'll be like a fridge again!
Copious amounts of booze will keep the chill away, as will a short sleeved Sapper rugby shirt.
This is my first year as an ex member of the corps, so to honour that fact, I shall be sporting the Sapperfest John Chard rugby shirt and a pristine white ( until covered in morgan spice and guinness) pith helmet. Your correct diagnosis, your dukeship, is that alchol will indeed fend off the ravages of inclement weather.
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