Sapper Bar - Army/Navy 09

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Grumpy_old_sod, Mar 4, 2009.

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  1. Having just squared the final piece of the jigsaw, booked my tickets through the regiment for the first weekend in May, does anyone know If we're going to have to put up with the bar being placed in the combined underground carpark/ frozen meat locker again this year or are we going back to those happy, heady days of the wonderful canvas construction outside? Any idea's anyone?
    If we are subjected to the furher bunker keller bar again this year, would it be too much to ask that the staff that are working are able to add up and not just invent a price everytime they serve a round? Last year 6 rounds, all the same, different price everytime.
    Antway enough moaning - can't wait!!! Roll on May :D
  2. enjoy, have a beer for me.

    23 years & never ever attended, maybe next year.
  3. if you read the posts on the sapper rugby website, everyone thought it was the best bar yet - but I beg to differ. The tent was great, our own little oasis, but that under the stand grey dark miserable area was shiiite. The bar was again run by bored surly twits who think no-one ever wants more than one beer at a time, and you had all and sundry walking past you penned in as we were like sheep. Bring back the marquee - I'm not going this year as a direct result of last years knobbery.
    Boo hoo, teddy in corner etc etc
  4. Hey Creepy,
    I'm sure if you go on the SapperRugby web site all the information you're after is explained there. They have the whole set-up like this one but used only by serving and ex Sapper rugby players. Send your points to Chris Fowke, the last team manager for direct answers!
    I can't attend due to living in Aus but given the chance I'd smother my dangly bits with black pudding and dunk them in a piranha tank just to see all my old buddys again. Don't let the location stop you enjoying one of the best reunions this side of Alpha Centuri!
    And Knocker, you don't know what you're missing. Must be all the games of Nurdles addling you brain!
  5. Go on then, send me a ticket, ma kilt will add a bit of colour to the hammering of the Navy
  6. Taken from the email I received from Sapper Rugby;

    "Please note the following. This year’s bar is once again under the Southstand and all seating for the Royal Engineers has been allocated to the Southstand.
    This is for a number of reasons. Firstly Twickenham experience has no other location that can house such a large single group of people.
    Secondly it means that during the game and after the match you will have quick and easy access to the south stand bars direct form your seating. Last year we nearly had a crush incident after the game due to the huge amount of people returning to the bar after the event, seating in the south stand will alleviate this. Twickenham basically told us unless you take this option you won’t get a bar……..
    Thirdly it will allow the Corps to been seen on the Sky TV all wearing our Sappershirts in a huge group of 5000! Last year over 1500 people wore Sapperrrugby shirts to the game, lets ‘paint’ the Southstand Maroon and Navy!
    Twickenham experience has assured us the beer pumps now operate effectively and there will be the correct number of people to serve us."
  7. Cheers for that Gladimout sounds like it's gonna be a belter.

    Gave my ticket up as the bus was about to leave last year to go to watch Forest get promoted so looking forward to this year
  8. I will be there ... never miss a year!

    This years is the day before my 50th birthday ... guess what I'm getting for my birthday ... a fcuking hangover! :D
  9. Good man!
  10. Tickets arrived from sapper rugby this morning! Result!!!
  11. :thumleft: Got mine today as well :thumright:
  12. If anyone knows of any tickets & wristbands going spare for the Sapper Bar please let me know, my source has well, couldn't organise a piss up in a beer tent or rather South Stand!! :x

  13. Kick a girl when she is down why don't you?????? :wink:

    It's not actually my fault, ZXR is just too tight to pay for "extras".
  14. you want to lower your prices then Sluggy. :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:
  15. Hi any idea where Sappers going down Friday night to make a weekend of it, meet up in London ? I have got no mates !!!!