sap gloves

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ste887, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. i have being wearing a pair of old issue northern irelands would it be allowed for me to change these to the leather weighted sap gloves for wearing arround the streets or are they illegal in the uk?
  2. No but they work a treat I use Bird shot sewn into the pads
  3. well i have ordered the ones from surplus and adventure cos my northern irelands are really tatty
    (pads falling off, fingers cracking) theyre 1978 issue
  4. Are you going to get a balaclava too? Real vigilantes always wear balaclavas.
  5. When the Shite that shot me took a punch in the face with a sap NI glove it spolt his day and saved my life. He still shot me but not in the face as he had tried and his face looked like raw liver.
  6. If I were you, I'd change my chippy. A saveloy and large frites is rarely worth getting shot in the face for.
  7. yeah i do have a balaclava i wouldent fit in with the local chavs with out it.
    parson cross, sheffield
  8. Berry Street Belfast 10 Jan 1976 See QRL web site
  9. you got a link?
  10. Google is your friend QRL , OLD MATES , belfast City Centre Dont know how to do a link, only had a comp a couple of months
  11. you mean this?
  12. Yes Ex 17/21 , belfast city centre
  13. If a police officer thought you intended to use your weighted gloves as a weapon, you could be arrested for possession of an offensive weapon. I'd stick with the NI for civvy street if I were you.
  14. I had a fun time with a RUCBAG in Cooks town nick one day, she threw a hissy about the Survival knife I had stuck dawn the back of my jeans, I coud'nt understand it , she didn't say any thing about the Browning I had stuck in the front.
  15. ok thanks i may just get some slash resistand and sew a pad to the back of them.