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abacus said:
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abacus said:
If it works on a basis of two squirrels per person, how big a dinner party would you need for a squirrel-skin coat?
Depend's who the coat is for Ab's!!
Well it would need to be one hell of a party to get one long enough for me but I know a tasty wee bit of stuff from Wales who could be costumed with a romantic evening for 2 ;)
I'll be checking the abacus post hogmanay piccies for traces of strange scots wearing furry underwear...nothing unusual for Liz the nurse there then..probably accompanied by a piccy of her with her chebs out too no doubt.


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Many years ago, beefore they overran most of the UK, there was a bounty of 6d for grey squirrel tails, and my old man used to kill them in large numbers. He was a Gardener, and Gardeners HATE grey squirrels. They eat anything, well certainly nuts, strawberries, all sorts of soft fruit, etc. Truly they are furry tailed tree rats - kill 'em all. We used to smoke out the dray and kill the babies with a .410" or .22 air rifle. Ah, the joys of childhood....

The fur is rubbish, but they are indeed very edible.
A much easier recipie is to gut them and just squash them flat before deep frying them.

You have to pick the larger bones out whilst eating, but not unlike deep fried chicken.

Apparently the young Elvis used to eat a lot of them before he graduated to cheeseburgers.
hugh wiitting blokes got some good recipes for squirrel
intend to try them once Ive got meself an air rifle
wild game for me this year yum


Just found this guys!

[flash width=recipes for tree rats! height=200],13199,1111005,00.html[/flash]
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