Santas Squirrel

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by W.Anchor, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. Some thing you don't see all that often least of all on Christmas Day a Santa's Squirrel

  2. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  3. The foresight will be nicely defined against that one then
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Just to be non biased they have black tree rats in Ontario, need a good foresight there!
  5. Grey ones tend to be removed quite efficiently with my 12 gauge.. mind you the .410 does a tidier job.
  6. This is not a wind-up question, for I'd genuinely like to know: why do you find it necessary to top squirrels?

  7. The grey ones are vermin and are encroaching on the wee red ones dwelling near my abode. Hence I find a scotgun cartridge a swift and humane method of lowering grey squirrel numbers and promoting the conservation of the endangered red ones.
  8. Fair enough, CC. Personally, I couldn't top something that small and helpless, but that's just me. :D

  9. Grey's are wiping out the red's
  10. why kill squirrels?
    Simple. They are complete Vermin.
    Once upon a time I fell for the "cute fluffy tail" Propaganda. However the true nature of the Nefarious nature is now clear to me. The little sods chew on our cable and cause us all kinds of trouble.
    For this reason, trust me I need no more provocation, I loath the buggers.

    However I do not indulge in Random gunfire, I take deliberate aim.
    However I will never let it be said I have NO sense of Humour. The image of a squirrel "frozen" in the moment when it grounded out a Power line ALWAYS makes me laugh.
  11. These Vermin also nick all the bird nuts from our feeders and cause the poor little robin to go hungry.

    Merry Christmas one and all.
  12. To avoid taking the life of a squirrel for nothing here is a tasty recipe.

    1. Take one or two dead squirrels, skin and gut them.

    2. After thoroughly washing them, boil for 10 minutes in lightly salted water.

    3. pick the meat of the bones and set aside.

    4. In a frying pan, fry a small amount of chopped bacon and a small finely chopped onion. then add the squirrel meat.

    5. pour in a can of baked beans and cook until heated through..

    Voila a lovely dish of squirrel and beans... tried and tested after a squirrel cull in an over-run orchard.

    for a vegetarian option..leave out the squirrel and bacon and just eat the beans hhehe
  13. This has got to be a wind-up!!! Am I right, medman82?

  14. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    After the beans there will be plenty wind :lol:
  15. If it works on a basis of two squirrels per person, how big a dinner party would you need for a squirrel-skin coat?