Santander - doing a good thing


in the spirit of letting no good deed go unpunished...

I've been assigned away from my base port area, and thus have begun to rent out my house. Normally Santander charge £295 for permission to vary your mortgage like this, however, without prompting they noted I was a member of the Armed Forces and have subsequently refunded that money.

Nice little Xmas gift!
Thats a surprise, i applied for a loan with them last December, they offered me an APR of 24% ! I have excellent on my credit rating score, they said the high APR was due to being in the armed forces- apparently a high risk job! Robbing B*****ds!
Yep robbing bastards I wouldn't trust them would love to change but I'm restricted at present. They put a stop on my debit card so it was turned down but I knew I had been paid so I phoned them. Gave the security number on the back of the card, date of birth, regular direct debit but because I couldn't remember how much I had spent in Tescos I was told I had failed the security check I HATE the feckers

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