Santa Tracker

can phalanx engage reindeer? Bah!!! Humbug!!
l wanted a top heavy lovely for xmas last year, and all l got was some fat 45 year old tart.

Santas a lying ba$tard, l will be ready for him this year - ap mines on the roof, claymore in the chimney and the general will have a party pack of link in the corridor :)
ap mines...................................... now now M-F you know that they are illegal.
they are knocker, but lve got loads in my shed that l need to get rid of!

Failing that l might nip down the hanger and get shielder out :)

that will sort fecking rudolph out, the red nosed carrot eating fcukwit
If the red suited wearing, fat cnut comes down my chimney, I'll have him nicked for breaking and entering :wink:
I looked at the Santa tracker a while back and was concerned to see he visited Iraq and Pakistan over two hours ago. Surely hes got his time zones wrong and delivered before midnight, spoiling things for the troops. Youll have to phone NIGtrained up Knocker and warn him or he'll be waiting up all night for no reason. :wink:
I'm concerned by the USAF fighter escort - what if they mistake his outfit for a red marker panel - will he make it?
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