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Santa Tracker

I was in a family restaurant the other day and some twat came in with a T shirt with a picture of Father Christmas and the words "He doesn't exist" written underneath. I had to move youngest child so she couldn't see it. Rotten bloody spoilsport.
I tell my children that Santa is a fantasy and that I buy their presents. I also tell them that the Devil is real and visits on Christmas eve, and checks their presents to see if they deserve them or not.

To make this more convincing I sneak down early on Christmas day to scorch the wrapping-paper with a cigarette lighter, take a shit on the carpet and crayon some pentacles and inverted crosses onto the wallpaper.
Same here, and my two daughters are 21 and 19 !!
My parents always ask me and my two kids at the start of decmeber ..well do you still beleive in Santa,...and like a good Kids we always say yes. There is always a special gift under the tree from Santa for us all....We all Know Santa only gives you one gift...but its a good one..We have been tracking Santa most of the afternoon on NORAD.. :santa:

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