Santa swaps sleigh for helicopter

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Dec 20, 2011.

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  2. Just as every flying station in all three services do, every year. Where's the news in this?

    And why are the RAF claiming it for themselves when most of those actually flying the Santa drops from Shawbury weren't in the RAF?

    Another non-story from the great RAF spin machine, who don't even know what type of aircraft 60 sqn fly and can't recognise a Griffin in their own picture. :roll:
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    It cheered the kids up.
    Let them have their moment of glory.
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  4. That's no way to talk about Ginger and the chaps!;P


    Gratitious picture of RAF Shawbury's finest.
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  5. Another person moaning at automated feed - gotta love it! I was going to moan at what was on TV today - instead I changed the channel. :)
  6. Postman Pat? :?

  7. The wonks at MOD do check their automagic dits to see how many PR brownie points they are getting…
  8. 'wonks'? Seriously? Are you living in the 60s?
  9. Wonk not gonk…:)
  10. Exactly! WTF is 'wonk'? Are you overtly religious? Or do you drink real ale?
  11. I guess my photo of Father Christmas manning a GPMG is not really that newsworthy seeing as the RAF propaganda machine haven't used it.
    B'ah Humbug
  12. Might have worked if you'd captioned it as RAF Regiment. A Rock on stag with a GPMG is about as believable as Santa.
  13. Cant recognise the helicopter? The caption underneath seems pretty accurate.

  14. i'm not a betting man and i do have my wah-shield up, but given that the caption says it's a Griffin and it looks exactly like a Griffin - i'd say there is a good chance it is a Griffin?:

    look: RAF - Griffin HT1


    wah-shield down.

    happy new year.
  15. Someone at the start of the thread implied that the article failed to recognise what the helicopter was. I just pointed out that the picture was labeled correctly.