Santa stories

That time is nearly upon us again. Has anyone been subjected to the degradation of being made to wear a red and white outfit and a false beard and had any humorous experiences? Just interested, like!
Not degradation but I dress up as the old boy on Christmas mornings and creep round the back of the house from the shed to knock on the front door as a surprise for my two small grandsons. Two years ago I was spotted by a young lad out for a walk with his dad. 'Father Christmas, it's father Christmas', he yelled and galloped down the road towards me, followed by Dad. He aske me where I was going and I explained and asked him if he liked all hie presents etc, etc. He then stepped back and said 'Father Christmas, you are the best' and then geve me a hug, as I was kneeling down to talk to him. Both me and his Dad got a bit of grit in the eye at the same time.
TheBigUn said:
Why doesn't Santa have any children ?

Because he only comes once a year, and when he does, it's down the chimney. :wink:
True, but he does manage to fill stockings....

My coat, if you would be so kind...
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