Santa Clara, CA

Discussion in 'US' started by ooooh_matron, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. As a diplomat, and a regular positive contributor to the US threads 8O I am wondering if one of you lot could give me some advice?

    I need to sort a sunday-sunday stay in San Francisco this month, around the Santa Clara area. Any one know of a REALLY cheap hotel (just above ghetto knocking-shop on the quality/price scale)?

    If so would you mind PM'ing me with your suggestions? Any offers of private accomodation will be flatly refused because most of you are murderous psychopaths. :D
  2. A diplomat? A diplomat?

    My arrse. And stop being so cheap
  3. More money for hookers. Besides it'll take seven days to stuff all those packages up my hoop :D
  4. There will be the usual clutch of cheap hotel chains and with your MOD90 you Should get a good discount - enjoy yerself man!
  5. Thanks mate. I thought it would be easier, but this is where all the big-ass corporations are based (Google, Microsoft), so it's proving tricky, and the MOD90 thing is a no go in this area by the looks of it. Cheers for the good wishes!
  6. Holiday Inn Express there, they are cheap
  7. Check PM
  8. Can you resend? Nothing in my inbox mate
  9. a diplomat you say? shouldn't your people be handling your travel arrangements for you then? :D
    if you're going to be on a business trip, it wouldn't hurt to inquire if they have govt rates. then mention your MOD90. no guarantees on that, as i don't use an MOD90.
    depends on what you consider cheap. has a few listings/availabilities based on the dates. do you need to be in santa clara or would rather be in san fran due to affordability issues. there's a place called club quarters in san fran's business district. pretty good location for a decent price. business district tends to be a bit quiet at the weekends, but it's only a few blocks away from the market.
    have fun in san fran.
  10. Thanks girlie- I will have a look. I need to be near the bigger corporate HQ's around Santa Clara, Mountain View etc. I'll have to save my desire to bum sailors for another trip 8O :D
  11. Bear in mind that while SF and Mountain View may look really close on the map, they're about an hour away from each other, without traffic.

    Cheap, no-frills roof over your head might be found at a Super-8 or Best Western. Figure about $80 a night.

    Silicon Valley ain't cheap.

  12. Many thanks for responding C_Tanker. I'm looking around Santa Clara and M'View. Might risk it with a hotwire booking. Cheers