Santa Clara, CA

Discussion in 'US' started by ooooh_matron, Feb 1, 2010.

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  1. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    As a diplomat, and a regular positive contributor to the US threads 8O I am wondering if one of you lot could give me some advice?

    I need to sort a sunday-sunday stay in San Francisco this month, around the Santa Clara area. Any one know of a REALLY cheap hotel (just above ghetto knocking-shop on the quality/price scale)?

    If so would you mind PM'ing me with your suggestions? Any offers of private accomodation will be flatly refused because most of you are murderous psychopaths. :D
  2. A diplomat? A diplomat?

    My arrse. And stop being so cheap
  3. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    More money for hookers. Besides it'll take seven days to stuff all those packages up my hoop :D
  4. There will be the usual clutch of cheap hotel chains and with your MOD90 you Should get a good discount - enjoy yerself man!
  5. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    Thanks mate. I thought it would be easier, but this is where all the big-ass corporations are based (Google, Microsoft), so it's proving tricky, and the MOD90 thing is a no go in this area by the looks of it. Cheers for the good wishes!
  6. Holiday Inn Express there, they are cheap
  7. Check PM
  8. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    Can you resend? Nothing in my inbox mate
  9. a diplomat you say? shouldn't your people be handling your travel arrangements for you then? :D
    if you're going to be on a business trip, it wouldn't hurt to inquire if they have govt rates. then mention your MOD90. no guarantees on that, as i don't use an MOD90.
    depends on what you consider cheap. has a few listings/availabilities based on the dates. do you need to be in santa clara or would rather be in san fran due to affordability issues. there's a place called club quarters in san fran's business district. pretty good location for a decent price. business district tends to be a bit quiet at the weekends, but it's only a few blocks away from the market.
    have fun in san fran.
  10. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    Thanks girlie- I will have a look. I need to be near the bigger corporate HQ's around Santa Clara, Mountain View etc. I'll have to save my desire to bum sailors for another trip 8O :D
  11. Bear in mind that while SF and Mountain View may look really close on the map, they're about an hour away from each other, without traffic.

    Cheap, no-frills roof over your head might be found at a Super-8 or Best Western. Figure about $80 a night.

    Silicon Valley ain't cheap.

  12. ooooh_matron

    ooooh_matron On ROPs

    Many thanks for responding C_Tanker. I'm looking around Santa Clara and M'View. Might risk it with a hotwire booking. Cheers