Santa banned from shouting "Ho, ho, ho"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ozduke, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Should we hold a poll, on what his new phrase should be?
  2. I have gone past the point where i'm outraged by such lunacy.

    I have gone past the point where i'm bothered by such lunacy.

    I'm now at the point were i'm expecting such lunacy.

    So were to go from here? I'll probably be coming up with these stupid ideas and regulations. Then it will be time to take myself into the back garden with the service Webley and do the honourable thing.
  3. I'm outraged that Santa can not shout out "Ho Ho Ho you sh1t bag kids, you fecking consumerist whores!"
  4. I always thought Australia had risen above the la-la land of health and safety, political correctness, that has fallen Britain. Still, it gives somebody a job and power that they wouldnt normally have in other ages (lobby groups, mouthpieces, miserys, etc)
  5. I was repremanded for saying the very same thing,, doing a quick imprsssion of Santa, in California a few years ago and thought they were mad then.

    Somthing to do with 'Gangsa Speak' for Whore?
  6. I think it came about when Pimps started to get annoyed when he visited the ghetto. There was confusion ... kids started to sit on Pimp's knees asking for the latest toys. You've got to remember ... if it ain't crack, then Pimps ain't interested.
  7. Tie Mi Kangaroo down sport.
  8. its a stinking outrage mate, fair dinkum
    first they were all criminals, then they got better at sport, and now they want our political correctness, its just wrong i tell ye
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I couldn't give a flying XXXX to be honest cobber. He was fitted up I tell ya!

    I can see it now . . .

    "Gender non-specific self employed person, Gender non-specific self employed person, Gender non-specific self employed person, what would you like for Religious Observance Holiday?"
  11. shouldn't that be 'Gender non-specific self employed sex trade related worker.....'
  12. I am also outraged! How dare 'they' alter such a time honoured tradition, especially the figure head who has a proud history of being invented by a drinks company so that they could sell a completely unseasonal beverage to an increasingly product driven consumer group, under the guise that its suddenly very christmassy to drink a cold carbonated drink on a winters day! Makes me sick! what next? They'll be changing the taste of that beverage next. Oh, wait...
  13. This is obviously out of order and designed to upset secularists, even the word "holiday" conjures up thoughts of religion! ;P

    Wonder what the advert for Green Giant is like there ... ?
  14. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    No, because you can't say 'Trade'. This is a word that denotes that capitalist oppression of the working class. In fact, 'Employed' is also a bad word.

    How about 'Gender non-specific carnal outreach facilitator'?