Sankey trailer

Am needing another trailer and looking at a couple of Sankeys on ebay, are they any good as a day to day trailer?

To heavy for a reasonable payload? Parts easy enough to get hold of?

And why on the mil veh sales web site do they all have 'not for road use' written on the back?

Thanks in advance


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Anything square and green with a tow hitch gets called a Sankey. In fact they were built by half a dozen firms. Payload is 1/2 or 3/4 ton but they'll take more as they are nails. The older narrow-track ones do not have a tailgate which is a pain. The wide-track ones do. For loading they aint the most practical despite their toughness. Wheel arches get in the way, but you wont find an Ivor Williams for £200.

You'll need a NATO tow hitch and a collar cos they have a run-on brake which gets activated when you reverse, hence the collar.

Older ones are sold 'Not for road use' cos they don't have a number plate light. Some have a convoy light underneath which shines onto a white disk so the driver behind can stay in convoy without lights tipping off ze Chermans in their Stukas. This is an easy fix. Parts are available. index

You are supposed to fit a brakeaway cable that activates the brakes in the laughable event a NATO tow hitch fails but most people just fit a chain between trailer and towing vehicle.

Watch out for rot because they get left around outdoors. But they are dead easy to repair. Most of the Landy / 4x4 forums have loads of info about them.

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