Discussion in 'Afghanistan' started by Tombone, Nov 12, 2010.

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  1. Christ, shades of Basra ?
  2. Not surprising really seeing as the septics have triple the amount of soldiers, weapons, air assets etc etc in the area to what the Brits had. They can afford to mount more offensive patrols thereby dominating more ground, and meet any threat with an extremely robust response.

    I suspect that the local Afghani's/tribal elders will at some stage get pretty pissed off with the Yanks malleting everything in sight, inparticular the mounting 'collateral' damage that will inevitably occur.
  3. Not if the blokes from Langley are bimbling about distributing largesse in gold and used notes.
  4. Didn't they do something similar after they took over MSQ?
  5. The latest surge of US Mil into Helmand has worked to a degree. Local villagers are said to be feeling a little safer due to troop levels on the ground and the constant reassuring presence they provide. People are less afraid of Taliban attacks now than they have ever been. Although that said, Taliban numbers have dropped off despite roadside IED's & landmines being on the increase.

    When the US Mil talk to the never ending scrum of media, they always slip in the buzz word 'progress'. Progress is being made here, progress is being made there etc etc, albeit incremental progress. They have to lest the whole US Mil mission fall under even more international scrutiny. They rush a media crew out to anything even resembling progress by reaching into the 'scrape the barrel of development' pit.

    They forever claim things that are not proven. There has been little to no development/progress in areas controlled by opposition groups.

    Foreign forces have come and gone to the area and lets face facts, whether it was a constant reassuring presence provided by Brits or Yanks to keep the insurgents out, as soon as the ANA/ANP take over the security role the whole region will yet again slide down the pan.
  6. It's early days yet and the US do appear to be making progress, but at what cost? They very recently received many casualties in one day. 19 of them bilateral amputees. Besides this, the Taliban are currently shocked, they will re-org and learn the best way of inflicting an even greater toll, much as they always have done in the past.
  7. Hmm... so it seems we had a policy of 'static defence' (lots of small PBs with small local ptls) while the americans are using 'mobile defence' (couple of big PBs and big patrols). Which approach is best? Who knows. But what is b0ll0x is suddenly changing approach just because there is a new battlegroup there. Why isn't the brigade or div dictating what COs do? Why did we take considerable risk establishing lots of PBs on HERRICK 11 only to collapse half them 6 months later? I think the chain of command has something to explain there.
  8. There is no British BG in Sangin. US forces have completely taken over.

    So there is no change with respective strategy, just a change of tenant.
  9. But that is more than a change in tenant?

    We've gone from lots is small pb's to having a couple of big ones.