Sangin pull out.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by screwup982, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone else feel as though this is a large mistake?

    From a certain perspective you could say that the Brits are the past masters of 'Hearts and Minds', and have no doubt made progress, handing over to Spams who couldn't win the hearts and minds of their own families (unless to procreate) seems like a backward step.

    From another perspective fcuk the ragheady barstewards, leave em to the septics
  2. Whats clear i think is there needs to be alot more troops in the area. If British troops are now being moved out of the more dangerous areas i hope most of our troops are on there way home. Afghan troops can police the safe areas etc with a small British force guiding them.
  3. With the utmost respect to all those serving there now and in the past, with an emphasis to those who lost their lives or have been wounded, I believe the "huge mistake" was entering in as part of a misguided, knee jerk venture by our American cousins following the tragedy of September 11th, apparently in the hope of capturing Bin Laden.

    Regardless of country, we all understand and for those of us who have served, experienced the fact that as a soldier, you go where you're told and do your best, as our men and women have wherever and whenever they've been sent.

    The Afghans do not appear to want any real form of progress, or common sense government based on common sense laws. Conversely, the Coalition do not appear to want to fully commit to hunting down and destroying the enemy, so our troops are being offered up as targets.

    There are many places in the world that could do with "saving from tyranny" and we don't rush in to do it because a lot of these countries don't have anything the West wants. I don't think Afghanistan does either, (except Bin Laden, as stated above, and he's not been found in nearly 10 years!), so why waste more time and lives there?

    Personally, I hope all the Coalition forces, regardless of country, get out of Afghanistan as fast as possible.