Sanger Wa*nking

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by MervthePerv, Oct 11, 2010.

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  1. I remember my mate caught wa*nking by the padre when he was on a morale boosting visit to the sanger in NI, anyone got any funny stories, i remember blokes used to turn off the heaters have a bash on them and then you would take over and turn it on as it was cold and be greeted with the stench of cooking man fat, i was disgusting but very funny when i look back he he
  2. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    Ah the sweet Sanger Bangers of central Belfast
  3. Some **** did this on one of the heaters at the Munster Nord nuclear site. The only thing that puzzled me was that there was always 2 in the tower, so how could someone manage to crank one off whilst their 'mate' stood watch, remembering it was only 6'x4' big

    I'm sure there was more to be told there . . .?
  4. i remember a lad in my company was in the platoon sgt's trench on stag it was dark o clock and the sgt was in his doss bag on the floor, this lad cracked one out, the sgt woke up and to his horror it looked like he was about to blow his load over him, i remember the lad had some explaining to do lol
  5. A perk of being RLC is having the opportunity to crack one over some of the filthy totty I've been bashered up with. :wink:
  6. Anybody remember the 3 storey towers/sangers around the walls of Long Kesh (HMP Maze). (Prison Guard Force).

    Numerous incidents as discribed previously with the Toms being caught with a weapon in hand (not an SLR).

    The porn was hidden between the wooden panels and the outer steel frame/outer wall construction of the tower. (No reading material allowed!!).

    The funnist incident was in 1979, Steve S (68 Sqn RCT) fell down the tower from the top floor through 2 hatches to the ground floor and had to climb back up to call for assistance and also managed to pull the bino's down on to his head as well.

    Lots of toys were permanently left in the towers, baton round guns, CS gas lauchers, smoke genades etc.

    Idle hands, bored squaddies etc, bound to end in disaster.

    A few incidents of how does this CS gas genade gun thingy work, opps, OH S**T cough, cough, sneeze, eyes watering etc how the hell did that happen!!

    These incidents were dealt with in house but it was no fun spending 2 to 4 hours in a tower after the CS gas had been released (allegedly).
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    I knew a lad who got 21 days in Colly for knocking one out in the main sangar at the COB.
  8. crazy really isnt it, i cant see the problem as long as ya chin straps done up and ya observing yer arcs lol
  9. I remember Major M***s, ex-Guards Para Coy, checking the supersangar in Strabane town centre in 1977. Gdsm Fo** was on duty stating - " Sangar 22C, alls well sir!". "Why's the roof split in the middle and hanging down?" says the major.

    With that the major investigates further, by sticking his hand into the gap - only to unleash an avalanche of porn. Those days it was Razzle, Mayfair, Mary Millington, Health and Efficiency (naturists) and any buckshee, confiscated, child porn from the RUC. Happy days.

    Predicably, a fatigues party was dispatched to clear the offensive collection.
  10. A little off subject. I took over a sangar in Alamara to be greeted with the sight of a field dressing full of shit hanging from the barb wire a foot from my face. Luckily the 45 degree heat and the smell of a hour old shit attracted tons of flies. The guy before said he needed a shit but was a complete ******* spastic when it come to throwing it out the sangar. That was a great stag.
  11. 1st question in a new sangar was always, "where's the porn"? Arcs!? - priorities. And as above always in the walls under the sills. Where no-one ever graffitied, honest!
  12. Palace bks advantage of stagging on with a pad, you get to bang one out while he has slipped his good lady a 4am surprise sex sess...
    Girdwood where the neighbours in the flats must have got fed up of the sanger bangers parking at the rear gate for some...
    Somewhere south of Qal'at Saleh the sangar on top of a ex who needed cresote, when the wood was decorated by moonlight.....
    Bosnia has some of the prettiest ladies in the owrld for visual stimulation.

    COB well am saying **** all about there as its still raw from the grit rash.
  13. Yep, the steel sheets were full of smut mags stuffed behind them. I was there in 74. Towers 1 and Towers 2. Bloody awful stagging on in them. We learnt to sleep stood up !

    When we went out in Police Area G the female RUC Officers always pestered us for the old black rubber baton rounds. Being very callow youths we gave them a baton round without realising what they could be used for. Christ, this was before they even started making vibrators.
    Do you know they fired thousands of the old black rubber dildos I mean baton rounds. They never found a single one after they had been fired. We used to put the odd old penny behind them. What naughty boys we were.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    In 1976 I was in Omagh. In the late 90s I worked with a lad whose father had been in the Omagh RUC. It turned out that the lad knew quite a few of the people I knew, including our PTI who had taught him to swim.

    We exchanged a few stories, but mine were limited, joining the regiment toward the end of the tour, whereas he had grown up there. He started reminiscing about the immediate aftermath of a riot and how come the street was littered with army torch batteries. We had a very quiet tour and I never had the pleasure of a riot, so I asked.

    "Didn't you know the calibre of a torch battery is just right for a riot gun? Great way to get rid of duff batteries and they hurt a lot more than rubber dicks."

    I must have had a sheltered life, even on the streets of NI.
  15. Site guard...endless hours of non stop porn with no privacy part from the shaking wobbly towers !!