Sandy, the superstorm

Discussion in 'US' started by Effendi, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. I'm just sat sitting waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy and a couple of other storms that are all supposed to hit the east coast region around New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and Pennsylvania over the next couple of days.

    Forecast is for 6" - 10" of rain, driving wind which will last for 3 - 4 days. Those owners of small naval detachments tied up along the shore can apparently expect a 10 foot swell along the coast, damaging moored vessels. The power companies have shipped in hundreds of emergency crews from around the US to deal with expected power outages that in some cases are predicted to last for a week to 10 days.

    I have food, water, torches, enough firewood to last for months, the kids are looking forwards to missing school for a couple of days and the Mrs is going to do a couple of work from home days ............. lets see how they deal with it. In Florida they used to run around like headless chickens shouting "hurricane" when there was a windy day, here in PA they have already declared an emergency and it has'nt even arrived. The fact I find interesting; watching the news last night they are all relying on european weather forecasts for the storm rather than homegrown forecasting............but, then I doubt if the bimbos with big tits who do the weather could actually do much more than look out of the window to tell you what is going on weatherwise.
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  2. Pine cones and seaweed work just as well, don't forget to look out of the window too.
  3. Yeah, we're up for a cold snap here too.
  4. I'd rather have a ginger snap. With a nice cup of tea of course, for dunking.
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  5. Man up wetpants. It's just a wee breeze!
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  6. Looked out the window this morning, and it was snowing, in the Rhine Valley, in October. What the **** is that about? Thirty odd years here, and I've never seen snow before mid-December.
  7. Long Island NY- you would think armagedons arrived. Stores emptying of bottled water, portable power generators can only be stolen as none left for sale between Boston and Maryland. Fire Island residents under mandatory evacuation (south shore will be hit hardest) by 1400 sunday. NY, NJ, national guard units already called up and staging at armories. Been watching boats pulled out all day from the landings as the tidal surge supposed to be one for the books. LIPA and ConEd both expecting massive power outages that will last for days(last year with "Irene" we were without power/running water for 10 days. I Have a generator now. Went and got some Rum, so I can sit on the deck in a Poncho and watch the storm.
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  8. Just a poncho? Wellies too, maybe?

    I'm actually looking forward to it. Shops have sold out of gennies, bottled water, batteries, torches, propane is gone as are camping cookers/stoves. I got into the habit of having a months worth of food around and the gear to prepare it when I was in Florida, as a huricane precaution. Saddo's really, there was a woman in the supermarket last night, a porker, with half a trolley full of gummi bears, doritos and chocolate.......survival rations for a porker.
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  9. Just back from a nice Kayaking in the sound. No ones out on jet skies, and its peaceful
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  10. A man who knows about such things tells me this could also be a real belter in terms of creating a mega snow dump for West Virginia. Hurricane Sandy rolling in from the sea, set to collide with a "midlatitude trough" coming from the West at about the same time as a shitload of cold air is coming down from Canada.

    (Still not that he cares "Prepared" is how he describe his domestic arrangements. Mrs B. is somewhat less generous: "Your American Nutter Friend with three years worth of Pringles, sacks of dry dog food and too much ammo")
  11. You think the end of the world [SUP](TM)[/SUP] is just going to happen all on the one day? Things like that need some build up and strange weather and other divers phenomenomenomonomnom are just the out riders.
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  12. That's Manchester for you. You'd have been safer in America.
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  13. Just getting a bit of light drizzle at the moment. I checked the Feds online map for the predicted course of the "superstorm" apparently I can expect winds upto 80mph.......they don't believe you here if you tell them that we get wind, rain and snow in Europe. The problem here is that they have crap building regulations and that most things are timber frame construction so it's like the tale of the 3 little pigs whenever there is weather.
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  14. Meanwhile, here in Baku it's 20 degrees C with a nice gentle breeze.
  15. You can never have too much ammo.

    Anyway, global climate change is all a liberal plot to destroy America; none of this freak weather is actually happening.