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  1. Us in our sixties, would we be satisfied with the weaponry carried by our troops in Afghanistan ,this is an open forum by the way
  2. Of course not!! All you crusty old fcukers go on about is your beloved SLRs!!

    "when a rifle was a real rifle mumble grumble"
  3. We had proper shoulders. Bruised, but proper.
  4. christ......here we go

    7.62 mutter mutter heavy mumble NURSE!
  5. Ooooh did someone mumble SLR :D
    Proper rifle they were :D
    Ah the smell of gun oil and the feel of 4x2 :D
    Mutter mumble mutter ear defenders mumble puttees snigger
  6. Wooden stock of course, made good pen holders :)
  7. But we won in Aden, Malaya,Et al
  8. Oh like the new Sharpshooter rifle then.
  9. Bren gun my boy
  10. SLR with SUIT sight, GPMG, LMG, M79, 84 mm, 66mm, 2" mortar, .50 browning and so on. I was happy and very confident with that stuff that we used but not having used todays gear, it's impossible for me to say whether I would have prefered what they have now.

    I think on balance today's gear from what I have read on here and elswhere probably is better but, how come there is a debate about whether 5.56 is good enough. There never was any debate about 7.62.
  11. Bugger
    I can never be the first to mention puttees...always beaten to it.
    But SHORTS ..could the young thrusters of today wear them with the same style and panache as we did?
    I always remember the first time I wore mine in Bahrain (we were posted individually in my lot) and I joined a parade of lads who were there for a few months...I ambled up looking like a milk bottle and to this day cringe with embarrassment when I remember their laughter :oops:
  12. We won in Aden?

    And, as I recall, the Malayan emergency was over before the SLR was introduced. If you mean the confrontation with Indonesia, that happened in Malaysia.
  13. SLR now thats a proper boys toy oh how is miss mine.
  14. Puttees were worn for stopping stones getting in the boots
  15. Moonies! As white as the moon in a black sky. Shorts yet, for some crazy army logic long socks?