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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Bodhisattva, Mar 11, 2010.

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  1. After 17 years as a REME VM, I handed in my notice and joined the ranks of Civ Div. I worked as a field service engineer on concrete mixing plant and then got a job as a production control manager in a workshop where we overhauled trains.

    I was made redundant at Christmas last year and have decided that what I really want to do is defence contract work as I miss the military mind set and work ethos.

    I have got applications in with a couple of companies who were advertising for vehicle mechanics to work in Afghanistan but they are at the "limbo" stage of getting the contracts finalised and nothing is moving with any sort of urgency.

    Is anyone currently in this line of work and if so, are you aware of any openings within your organisations that I may apply for? My CV is available on request and I am available immediately for deployment anywhere.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Have you checked RAJA, loads of sandy stuff on there, was having a gander this afternoon.

    03005 Engineering Manager East London £41,000
    03004 IRT Technician Limavady Competitive
    03003 Mechanical Fitter Dorset £15 per hour
    03002 Automotive Electrician London £30,000
    03001 Field Service Representative Afghanistan £50,000 to £60,000
    02011 Engineering Supervisor Hereford £28,999
    02010 Field Support Representative Coventry £225 per day
    02009 HGV Technician Norwich £22,000 - £22,500
    02008 Technician (Landrover) Guilford £20,000 to £30,000 depending on experience
    02007 Vehicle Assessor Long Marston £TBA
    02006 Equipment & Safety Manager Doha, Qatar £60,000 tax free (Negotiable)
    02005 ILS Engineer Bristol £Depending on skills & experience
    02004 ILS Manager Hampshire £Negotiable depending on experience
    02003 HGV Mechanics Colchester £16.40 per hour
    02002 Sales Manager TBC £45,000 to £55,000 + car + bonus
    02001 Project Manager South Coast £35,000 + bonus
    01020 Motor Vehicle Instructor Kent £25,000 (negotiable)
    01019 NVQ Assessor South East £26,000
    01018 FOB Manager Afghanistan £65,000 + bonus
    01017 Liaison Officer Afghanistan £45,000 + bonus
    01016 Inventory Manager Afghanistan £45,000 + bonus
    01015 Maintenance Manager Afghanistan £45,000 + Bonus
    01014 H&S Manager Afghanistan £45,000 + Bonus
    01013 Operations Manager Afghanistan £55,000 + Bonus
    01012 Quality Manager North Africa €3400 per month
    01011 Parts & Stores Manager North Africa €2900 per month
    01010 Training Manager North Africa €2900 per month
    01009 Workshop Manager North Africa €3400 per month
    01008 Assistant Workshop Manager North Africa €2900 per month
    01007 Project Manager North Africa €4500 per month
    01006 Vehicle Workshop Manager Afghanistan £65,000
    01005 Technical Stores Person Afghanistan £53,000
    01004 Field Support Representative Afghanistan £350 per day whilst deployed
    01003 Firearms Technical Manager Leeds £25,500 pro-rata
    01002 ILS Manager South circa £40,000
    01001 ILS Engineer South circa £35,000
  3. Yes thanks mate, the ones I have applied for came from there :) Was just wondering if anyone had any local knowledge that might get me out there next week would be good :)
  4. Nah, nowt for an out of work A mech!!

    Speak to VT about a teaching job, you get to wear a nice blue overcoat
  5. Have you seen the wages they offer mate? bloody slave labour that is! And Bordon Heath does not qualify as a "Sandy Place" :p
  6. Cheers Spaz, I sent them my CV a while ago but they had no openings at that time. I had forgotten about them so will send them another letter. Nice one :)
  7. There's also always Fastrax as a HET maintainer in the sponsored reserve role, although this would involve wearing green kit and carrying a rifle.
  8. Considered that but the work when not deployed is too far from my home location to be feasible.
  9. Ah well good luck anyway.
  10. Cheers mate :)
  11. RAJA?
  12. Reme Association Job Agency