Sandy Anniversary

On this day, June13th. 1947 (it was a Friday!) we of the Queens Bays advance party docked in Port Said on the troop ship 'Mataroa', we had sailed from Italy (Venice) on June 6th.
Greetings to any one who sailed on this 'Luxury Liner' (NOT!)
Bloody Hell...............62 years!!!
PS..........what troop ships did you sail in? Where to and from?


The "Empire Wansbeck", Harwich to The Hook, mid 1950's. The rumour was that it sunk in rough water a few times, only to be recovered and returned to service. Possibly this was to explain the stink for those confined below decks.


Ulster Queen and Ulster Prince Liverpool to Belfast. Not strictly troopships but the conditions were the same,.


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Empire Gannett, and another one whose name I forget. Bloody senility!

Edited to add; Sir Lancelot! That's the fella.
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