Sandown Races - RA

So which of you lucky OTC's that are gifted with having an RA troop are attending this social event then? To start the ball rolling Oxford is going and i hear rumours that Cambridge are also showing their faces. Anyone else?
Cambridge is attending, there should be a fair few of us. Although it's been opened to anyone, not just the creatures from the Gun Troop :wink:
And Bristol's going to be there...... Better lock up the silverware! :D



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Eh what's this then?

Wales aren't as far as I'm aware, though Sandown is near me, so I might pop up and urine myself laughin at youse lot.

What are you lot doing anyway?

GG, were you on the REME weekend?
SCoy - last I heard Wales were. I'll be nudging the PSI to get a bus down. Went in the first year - made a profit (if you don't count the drinks)

What date is it?



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Lol, i'm a mushroom I am :D What is it anyway? If someone could please explain to a poor underinformed person...
RA Hosts/gives money to - something like that - to Sandown. Centre of track has loads of marquees as different Regt. Messes. Various races, some with Army riders, some not.

Like going to any other races, except there are people there who you can bore with

'so what is a typical day for a troop commander'.
Lol, I'll get my cousin on the phone. Being a proper jockey he'll beat you all! Also, since sandown is like 15 mins from house, will try and organise urine up/ crashing as necessary :D

Hmm, will get onto Q asap.
Bring it on! I'm next to a big- fcuk off park, so those of you who cant fit in the house can camp in the park :lol: I'm not supplying beer or food though, though I'd like a crate from each OTC as payment (pref guiness or a nice bourbon). Oh, and before youse lot ask, I dont have a sister :D
How about a brother?
Cost £25, pay ~£39 Champagne breakfast, all day piss up, win £20. Jobs a goodun. :lol:
Latest news suggests Cambridge will be attending with 50ish... although most will probably be from Norwich. Any advance on 50 from the other OTCs out there?
dunno how many we've got but we're getting the train so who ever rocks up is comming i supose, but 50!! i wish there were even 50 people who knew the gun troop existed at london!!
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