sandown 2k5

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by orificecadet, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. Why did the 7para tent run out of boose? And why didn't it get naked?
  2. You are a cnut.

    Come back when you've earned the right to breathe unaided.

  3. I love you too calypso
  4. And sleep............. Oxygen thieving sausage jockey I salute u with vomit in door bundles absence!

    Do hope your mother had a good ride makes a change from her diving pans in the galley!
  5. nah she's dead...
  6. But that dosn't explain why you got an apology from Durex instead of a birth certificate?
  7. no I got one of those apologies from a brit consulate in germany with a big red stamp on it saying sorry we locked you up in a bmh for a few days but here have a citizenship just for fun...
  8. All wind and pish like the butchers dog, truth be had bet u slept in your own vomit in the coach park at Sdown after 1 pink gin and a good kick in from the coach driver for dribbling down the seats and licking the windows!

    Just out of interest which tent did you end up in?
  9. I think I finished up in arty centre after they turned the lights off in 100/6regt...
  10. is he an OTC wallah ?
  11. Shouldnt that read after they punched your lights out?

    Where you on tentage duties? We all have to start somwhere you may get promoted to baggage party if you managed to lace up a few 9 x 9 bell ends!
  12. no I jumped straight to lets get pissed as poss and laugh at everyone else who is worse job
  13. you sure the coach driver didnt take advantage of you after you one drink, because you are only a cadet and you guys always need your hands holding and noses wiping.
    make sure your not there next year unless you want to show how you guys drink.

    End transmission
  14. Says the...ex-OTC OCdt. Incredible how quickly some people forget their roots...Sounds like you have fairly interesting complexes, Bish.
  15. Not really Belushi, I havent fogotten my roots. Just making sure that the OCdt knows not to annoy red skins, just advice from others mistakes