Discussion in 'Officers' started by sovereign, May 15, 2005.

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  1. Can any officer who has completed Sandhurst helpy me.

    Basically, what is it like? Who gets admittance? How are you successful? Is it worth it? What is the accomodation like? How much etiquette/officer[ness] is there?

    How many people fail and why?

    Any information on RMAS please!

    Regular officers.
  2. Just a suggestion: if you have a good look through the 'Officers' forum you'll probably find the answers to your questions as they've been asked many times before. :wink:
  3. If you don't have the initiative to find out at least some of all that yourself then I don't think you will bless our armed forces with your intellectual fortitude.

    In answer to your question, though, I hear that after extensive tests at sandhurst they have discovered that napalm sticks to babies.

    It Wasn't me.
  4. Sovereign? Is this Harry "Wales"?
  5. How much officerness 8O :? :x :evil:


    Are you a reporter who can't be bothered to conduct some real research or are you taking the michael?

  6. Two words - Grey Man!

    However, think you need to work on your English in order to get in. :wink:
  7. From Thread in OTC/ACF Forum:

    What do you think of the army cadets????

    Now am I just becoming too cynical in my old age or has he/she/it deliberately written it to appear juvenile. Compare and contrast with punctuation and language in his/her/its post above.

    Sovereign, if you are in the ACF and you genuinely want to know more about RMAS why not ask one of your AIs to get you more information, if you are a journalist why not go through recognised channels - I think you have lost the goodwill you would need to get much more from this site.
  8. Sovereign - On the assumption that you're not ACF but genuinely thinking about joining, probably the best thing to do is to go down to your local Recruiting Office and talk to the people there about careers in the Army. If you don't know where it is, there's a list of addresses here:

    abacus - I really hope that quote was being deliberately written to look juvenile because if that's his best written English then he's got trouble ahead whether he goes into the Army or not.
  9. Juvenal - i wud hoap sew two :wink:
  10. Just told him that! :wink:
  11. strange how he's gone all quiet...
  12. Sensible chap, keeping his head down under incoming fire.
  13. Sovereign - MIA since Sun 15 May when he started this thread. Suspect that's the last we'll see of him...seen off by the banter.

  14. I would like to see any officer who hasn't done sandhurst.......

    And as its a college for the training of officers then i guess it is a bit officerish!

    It is worth it if you want to become a reg officer - theres no other way!

    The accomodation is clean, and will remain that way!!! You get a nice cup of tea and a friendly ranker coming to ensure you slept well during the night and that you are happy to do a bit of a jog and maybe a couple of lectures today, if thats ok sir.

    Hmmmmmm, oh in case your wondering - i was being sarcastic about the Tea bit!