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  1. I have been advised to try and become an officer from the careers office.

    But I am not sure I would pass the RCB because I think I am not "officer material". - so that idea is flawed.

    I have a few A Levels and currently studying for a degree but I am dropping out for the Army.

    I was looking to start out as a soldier in the REME as a vehicle mechanic, if in a few years time when I have experience could I try for the commission then or would it be really difficult? I am looking at the Army as a long term career rather than just doing the minimum.

    Thanks for your help.
  2. drop out of uni to become a tom in the reme??

    are you mental?
  3. Haha been told that quite a bit now, nah can't hack accounting and finance and then getting a mundane job in an office!

    Just is it possible to work your way up or will it take aaages?
  4. Join the Masons.........you'll be an LE in no time!
  5. At least consider the wiser words you may receive on this site...? :D
  6. Yes, it can be done, but if YOU dont think you're officer material, its unlikely that WE will.
    You may be better off joining the ranks, and working your way to the top as a SNCO, which is, arguably, a superior creature anyway.

  7. It might be worth checking out the capbadges of the folks giving you advice and then reading that advice again... :lol:
  8. I agree 'fas_et_gloria'...by a strange coincidence! :D


    Horse Gunner - by the grace of God!
  9. A third man at that. Can't help where you're posted I suppose... :lol:
  10. 1st and 3rd no less...now where did I put that glittering thrusting career...? :D
  11. Yeah you have made a good point there which I majorly overlooked!

    There is no point trying to work towards a commission when I could have a chance of starting there.

    I just hope I pass the RCB... 8O

    Better learn to swim
  12. Ummm...by all means learn to swim, but you won't need to use your new found skills at RCB.

    The only swimming you do at RMAS (apart from the general mirth and hilarity that generally ensues during wet PT in the lake) is the Army Swimming Test, which is pretty easy.

    Use the time between now and September learning! :D
  13. Fook sake didn't know it was till september i want to join now!

    Hows that for determination!

    Thanks for your help mate! Handing in application form in tomorrow.
  14. You could always try McDonalds if your stuck.
  15. If you are only handing your application form in now, chances are you wont be going to RMAS until Jan06.

    September entry fills quickly and has a long waiting list.