Discussion in 'Officers' started by crazychicken, Feb 6, 2005.

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  1. Hi, i hope this is the right forum for this

    I'm going to join the army this year as an officer hopefully to be a pilot in the air corps and was just wondering if you guys could share any tips for getting through a year at sandhurst?

    Any aspect of sandhurst life would be appreciated, how fit should i be, how tough is life in sandhurst? do you spend the whole year in a shared mess room or do you get your own room after a few months?
  2. You get your own room on day one, which means that you personally get to keep it shiny all year: no hanging around outside while some other poor sucker bumpers the floor. The only thing required to get you through Sandhurst is a wilco attitude and a good sense of humour. I'd recommend getting yourself as fit as you can before you go, but the reality is that they will do that for you when you're there anyway.
  3. Be as fit as you can, things will be easier. You'll get fitter there, but as memory serves it's all endurance and tabbing - good stuff.
    You get your own little kingdom to look after.

    Standby for getting f****d around for 42 weeks. That year in my life has gone forever.

    Enjoy :lol: :lol: :lol:

  4. Ooh, the Air Corps!

    Have you completed a flying grading?
    They can be quite selective, and in my intake took 80% of the tossers, which was nice - if you fancy taxiing Generals around, then go for it - not everyone will be able to fly Apache.

    That said, the pilots here are a good bunch. :p

  5. i havent passed any specific air corps medical tests though i have passed a basic army medical when i was in the otc for a while

    if i cant be a pilot ill have to decide whether to get a diiferent job in the air corps or go to a different regiment, maybe tanks, engineers or artillery

    can you fill your room with all your junk from home or are their strict limits what can go in? is it true you only get to listen to radio 4 for a few months?

    btw lots of chickens in this thread <3
  6. It's been a while since I was there, but certainly at the start it's wise to go with the issue kit only - the room's aren't big enough for extra crap.

    Radio 4 - didn't happen to me, depends on your CSgt really. Same for mobile phones, although I think they're a fecking curse and was glad to be rid of mine for a while.

    The hardest part was not drinking for 5 weeks, though I made up for that in short order :oops:

    Make sure you have a good look round a variety of units on fam visits - they're good opportunities to meet soldiers from a variety of capbadges/backgrounds, and the host units can be very accommodating. Keep your options open, but be sure to enjoy yourself as much as possible in the short term.

  7. thanks for the advice

    how do you spend the time at sandhurst is it just training constantly? what do you get punished for and how bad is a beasting?

    when are the intake times for sandhurst?
    i have to join at 23 to be a pilot in the air corps so i have to join this year but i need a few months to get fit
  8. Second that!

    Getting on different Fam visits between now and starting Sandhurst will pay dividends. Not only (as CH says) do they generlly involve free booze, but you get a really good idea of the units and if you want to spend every day of your life for (at least) 3 years with them. I thought I knew which unit I wanted to go to and quickly changed my mind after a Fam visit to them.
  9. Intakes are Jan, May, Sep.

    Lots of time is taken up as it is intensive training. The punishments are in line with everywhere else in the Army; the beastings aren't that bad - you need a sense of humour.

    Much of the fun is in the experience itself - go for it, and good luck!

    Any AAC stuff - see their page on this forum.

    Good luck!

  10. If you don't make the grade as a pilot then forget a commission in the AAC, all officers are required to qualify as pilots. It suggests to me you need to do some homework on your chosen branches.

    Also, if you want to go teeth arms, go teeth arms. A regimental recruiter is going to ask serious questions if you put down RRF, RLC, RE, AAC as your choices as it's inconsistent. If you want to persuade the Inf or Cav you are serious then you need to be looking in the general direction of all inf or cav units.
  11. The training at Sandhurst is aimed at pushing the lowest common denominator and its a natty 2 year course squeezed into 1 year.

    Take what is on the joining instructions and get the rest after the 1st five weeks.

    As the numerous chickens have pointed out - be fit.

    Don't get wrapped up in what you might have heard from some mate's mate who etc... (e.g. beastings? out dated urban mythology) focus on why you want to join the Army and what you want to do. By the time you get to the front gate you've been through a selection process that thinks you can pass the course - and the aim of the course is to prepare you for your first job in the Army.

    I recommend doing the Pre Course Briefing - you'll be given your boots to break in before the Commissioning Course starts and you'll do the basic physical tests and told what you will have to improve. Also you'll get to meet 90 blokes who are coming to be on your course - which'll make life a little more pleasant.

    Although you are likely to get your own room if the intake is big you might have to share (if you are a non-smoker you won't be expected to share with a smoker). Sharing a room's not so bad (did it myself) and sharing the tasks (ironing, hoovering etc) makes life easier.

    Take the time now to look around a bit more about what you want to do. Naturally you will get the chance at Sandhurst but you will be better informed and therefore better placed to make the most important decision you ill make on the course. There are plenty of threads talking about how to choose a regiment/corps.

    Enjoy :twisted:
  12. A few words of advice:

    1. Before starting RMAS try to get out of the habit of writing in only lower case letters as it shows either idleness or a poor grasp ofEnglish.

    2. Work on all aspects of your fitness and that also means your beer fitness. Once you get over those first 5 weeks then you will suffer if you can't tuck away the wife beater.

    3. Purchase some red socks, cords, and an assortment of natty shirts.

    4. Get into the habit of shouting "RAAA" as loudly as possible. I suggest an hour a day in front of a mirror. It will enable you to chat with the Cav lot.

    5. If you have a girlfriend/ boyfriend, dump them.

    a. You will be far to busy rifting every girl in Surrey to want to see your university squeeze. (Males only)

    b. You will be far to busy getting jumped by male cadets to have time to see your loved one. (Females and RE only)

    A few humble word of advice that stood me and the boys in the Company in good stead back in the days.
  13. What do you do with your spare time in the army? Can you leave the base or are they usually so remote you just spend it in the mess drinking?

    Is it possible to have a life outside of the army such as friends or family or is it basically confined to simply visits when you arent being sent around the world or on exercise?

    Why do I need red socks?
  14. The Army is a lifestyle mate. Of course you can have a life outside the Army but you'll find it difficult to maintain contact with all your civvie chums as you get your fair share of the Queen's Shilling.

    You only need Red Socks if you want to marry a girl that wears pearl necklaces and cardigans.
  15. Sudden strong smell of rat here.