Sandhurst waterboarding scandal

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This has been going on for years. A LCpl and his trained soldier mate thought it was fecking funny to do this at the Guards Depot back in the seventies to certain recruits. It probably happened to them when they went through the depot so thought it would be fun to do it to others.
I have hoped since that both have drowned for real, they were both thick bastards so hopefully have come a cropper since their glory days.
Please tell the details!
female nurses, alcohol, female nurses, more alcohol, pizza, alcohol, female nurses
nudity (not from Di R*****s who was a horrific beast of a, err, a. um, I have no idea what she was)

Did I mention the alcohol?
Clearly it was a fashionable activity, occuring in different units.

The instance to which I referred (which left the victim marked for life) took place HERE
Did you stamp down on branding as much as you did on gossiping?
As a matter of interest, what has happened to these people in the meantime? Did they continue training? Were they held on strength somewhere else as private soldiers?
Usual form is to go to held strength Old College pending outcome of whatever caused you to be withdrawn from training. I assume that OCdts at RMAS are still on the O Type engagement TACOS.
Right , I'll start preparing the case for the defence shall I ?

" Youthful high spirits "
" A prank that went a little too far "
" They sincerely regret their actions that night "
" Very remorseful "
" The gravity of their actions is only too apparent to them "
" Their future careers hang in the balance "

Other clichés are available ……..
Ok thanks. But it's been months. So what have they been doing?
Just in general.. Officer Cadets who get injured or have some other reason for being temporarily with drawn from training (depending on their circumstances) do a programme including PT, academics, phase 1 training until they are ready to go back into the CC. Years ago, at least, you would bump into a few people who had been in uniform for 24 months plus doing various officer pipeline, remedial PT, rehab programmes etc with at least 6 months to go at best before commissioning.

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