Sandhurst Visit

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Ruffage, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. Anyone else going on 04-05 November? Any advice appreciated. I better start looking for a decent suit and shoes.
  2. It may sound like a silly question, but why are you going?
  3. Sorry, It's a potential officer's visit. Organised by my Careers Officer.
  4. You got it right in your first post. "Best Foot Forward and watch your P's & Q's.

    Just been informed that you will get all the details in the post prior to the visit.

    Good luck :D
  5. Shameless bump.

    Nobody else lurking on site that's going? I had a a look at the other attendee's schools on t'interweb and have felt awfully state educated as a result. How posh can I expect it to be? Also, will I look a reet prat if I wear a suit and no-one else does, or will I stand out as dapper and dedicated?
  6. Ruffage,

    Don't worry about the posh bit, there are people at RMAS from right acrosss the range of social backgrounds and unless you are Prince Charles or Stig of the Dump you are unlikely to be at the extreme ends of the scale.

    Advice for what its worth - wear a suit, wear a suit, wear a suit and if you are still unsure pack a spare extra suit incase someone steals the one you're wearing off your back. Oh and have a haircut (not shaved), it's not as if you will be asked to leave if you turn up with dreadlocks or whatever but it can't hurt.

  7. The shinier the better! We love shiny cloth in the officer corps.
  8. Oh cool. I've got one just like Ronaldo, should I wear that?

    I'm not at the far end at all, so it should be fine.

    OK. Definitely a suit then. My hair was shaved a few weeks ago, so I'll let it grow out and then get a proper haircut. Thanks for taking the time.
  9. Is he that painter chap?
  10. I think I might get that lovely shiny one in the window at Burtons. I'll be sure to take my paintballing weekend pictures there too, to show that I'm good at shooting guns.
  11. Hey Ruffage... I should be going on the trip then too :)

    I'm just going to wear my 6th form clothes and make an extra effort to get my b*tard shoes shiny lol

    How are your fitness levels btw?
  12. Just ensure your suit, shirt, tie and shoes are made of disimilar material. Get a couple of runs in before you go. Enjoy it, the next time you visit RMAS it will not be so much fun.
  13. I wouldn't worry about the suit too much guys. I went one one of those visits last year, and some of the lads turned up in their school uniform!! Mind you, us ladies all made quite an effort, lol!!

    A word of warning though, get on top of your PT beforehand, as when I went they did an AOSB style fitness test, that is 50 sit-ups and 44 (male) 21 (female) press-up, followed by a timed run, the results of which will get passed on to your careers officer.

    But most of all, enjoy it and ask as many questions as possible.
  14. Hi vellers. My fitness levels are piss poor. Started running a while ago but didn't use proper running shoes and have spent the last few weeks waiting for shin splints to heal. I don't imagine I'll be doing particularly well if there's a fitness test. You coming from the north east?
  15. just act like Boris Johnson, speak and act like him, and youll be a general in 2 weeks