Sandhurst Visit 17th & 18th November


Just wondering if anyone on here is going to the Sandhurst visit on the 17th and 18th of November? Also, is there anyone who's been on one and could let me know a little more of what its about and what to expect/prepare for?

Thanks very much

Assuming you mean the RMAS insight visit...

I'm attending 17/18th November 09 - If you want to know whats happening then check the joining instructions; they contain a timetable for both days.

I've spoken to quite a few others who have been before so if you want any explanation (to the best of my ability) then pm me and I'll try to help!
Hi Phil, I was on the insight visit on 20th-21st Oct this year, so am pretty up to date.

When you first arrive you are sent to a room in the New College where you sit an watch TV until about 1600.
You are then given a lecture on Sandhurst by the Captain hosting your visit. I think you will have an officer from 4 Rifles. He is a cracking bloke if a little barmy - he did an agriculture degree just so that he had a degree when he joined!

You will then be told to split into groups of 8 or 9 and a list of topics will be projected onto the board. The Capt. thinks these up the night before so they are pretty random. We had things like:
Should Boris Johnson be Prime Minister?
What North/South divide?
50 Cent: Hero or Villain?
In my day....
What is the best country in the world?

You have to choose one of the topics and then prepare a 5 minute presentation to give to the officer cadets and your peers in the Colours Bar after dinner. You have around 50 minutes to prepare with a break for dinner after the first 15 minutes or so. The more eccentric and random the presentation the better.

After the presentation you socialise with the officer cadets in the bar (all soft drinks are free). Have some questions ready as they are a real goldmine of information for you. Don't be afraid to ask them, your Captain or your C/Sgt any questions you have.

The next morning you get up for breakfast at 0700. then, after breakfast, change into a tracksuit. You walk to the signals building and the group will split in half. Half will do signals and the other half will do Skill At Arms (looking at weapons the British Army uses and weapons that the Taliban use) and a Fieldcraft exercise. You will swap around after a certain period of time.

Next you go off to the gym for a PT session. You will do the Personal Fitness Test during the PT session. Don't worry about your score as you are not assessed. The aim is to show you the minimum required standard to go to Sandhurst. Obviously try your best, but if you, for example, do the 1.5 mile run in 14 minutes, no-one will sneer at you.

You are then taken back to your accommodation by your C/Sgt (he escorts you most of the time. You only see the Capt a couple of times in the entire visit). You are told to shower and change back into a suit for lunch.

You go to lunch in the Old College where you will meet some cadets in their first term. Again, ask as many questions as you can. Next you will do a tour of the academy taking in things like the stables, the chapel etc.

You will next do a tour of the Old College and visit places like the India Room. Finally, you will go into another lecture theatre and have a final presentation on methods of entry to the RMAS and, if there is time, the Captain will give a short presentation about his 2007 tour of Iraq. This is your last chance to ask questions so again, fire away.

You then go to the accommodation where you will pack up and get the coaches to the station/get picked up by mumsie or dadsie.

Any other questions, feel free to PM me.

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