Sandhurst to be closed?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by RCSignals, Aug 21, 2004.

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  1. At least that's what I heard, as part of the MOD cuts.

    Any truth to it?
  2. Actually, they have been discussing a "Joint" Officers' Course, along the lines of Shrivenham, but it has been placed on the backburner until further notice.

    The plan would be to have a "core" training course of 3-6 months, for all officers of all Services, followed by a second, Single Service phase of 3-6 months.

    A very silly idea, I'm sure we all agree.

  3. I heard Dartmouth and Cranwell to go.

  4. The last Rumor that I heard was that then long-long therm idea is to creat a single Combined Oporations force. all in one uniform (like Canada) but this was a rumor and very long term.
  5. I heard from a "very good source" last year that this was at least an aspiration! :twisted:

    (note: "very good source": earwigging taxi driver at a certain defence academy!)
  6. What? Say it isn't so. Why copy such an unmitigated disaster?

    Even Canada corrected the one-uniform fiasco, but the rest is still crap
  7. I heard that too, and that the Army, Navy and Airforce were being disbanded. :roll:
  8. Sandhurst to relocate to Fort George(INVERNESS-for those who don't know) as the Scots Regiments won't be needing it anymore!
  9. I heard that too. It was from Oskar.

    Can't wait to be a traffic warden.... :lol:
  10. All our traffic wardens got the chop - Council Parking Officers now do the job (Work on a quota system, so 1 sec overdue and wham)

    Also issue parking tickets via CCTV Operator, Get a nice picy to boot!

    Sandhurst, close? Bring back the Shop....

  11. Heard that one aswell..........

    But why???????
  12. Think you misread the headline.

    Actually it's: 'Sandhurst too close' Camberley. Ghastly place.
  13. Bring back Mons I say you got a SSC commision in 6mths with none of the arty farty war studies lessons
  14. Personally, I got a RegC in six months from RMAS. Thank you SGC! :D