Sandhurst Sword of Honour



Hmmmm Sandhurst and Honour in the same sentence.... does not compute!
Langton said:

Anybody know the history of the sword used for this award?

Thanking you.
There is no single sword - the sword of honour given to the winning Officer Cadet is a regimental sword for the regiment he is joining.
Oh ok ... I'm not military I'm afraid so don't understand regiment set up etc ... there's a family rumour that my Great Grandfathers Officers sword was given to Sandhurst and awarded to the top passing out Officer ... assume they couldn't keep it?!! No idea.
Anyway, he was with the REs and for a short period the RWFs.
Cheers for the replies!
GrumpyOldMan said:
Given the potential gripping, which is about to be delivered by the AcSM, I do'nt think THIS OCdt is in the frame...................
...although he should sort out his SD (needs pressing) and his No1 hat, which looks too small for his head!
that hat is very silly!!
GrumpyOldMan said:
Filbert Fox said:
that hat is very silly!!
That is a very silly forage cap!!!
What ever you want to call it - it is too bloody small!!

'You, scruffy AcSM, show hat properly fitted'
That AcSM looks a total bag of sh*te. Looks like he slept in that outfit after a serious PU in the mess and is still wearing his party hat. He must have a bloody long first joint on his thumb...........look at the distance from the tip of the peak the end of his snot box.

growler said:
Who's going to tell him?

him, him, him
hopefully he reads this!
If he can't read - he definitely won't be able to take the iron out of the box and plug it in!
Filbert Fox said:
hopefully he reads this!
He's a you think he can read?
growler said:
Who's going to tell him?
A Conductor RLC??

His service dress is in sho1te order. Can you imagine turning up on parade looking like that? My Colour Sergeant wouldn't have let you get out the bloody block for pity's sake....never mind the hierarchy of badges! Of course I was always beautifully turned out and am convinced it was pure jealousy that cost me the Queens Medal!
Sword of honour is donated every intake by Wilkinson Sword Co (of razor fame) in retuurn for advertising and promotion of it's products (swords not razors). However this year the company announced it was ceasing sword production (anyone with one can now charge exorbitant rates!) so the future of who will provide the sword of honour is unknown (unless RMAS has a big pile of spares donated by the company to hand).
I wish I'd forked out for one after all!
Who is going to provide it now that Wilkinson has gone under?

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