Well I wish her well - she is a credit to the Corps and you moaning gits should at least give her a chance.

Remember - one day she might be a Colonel of a Regiment and be one of those who decides on which regiments stay or go in future defence cuts or if the MoD decide to create a "one uniform" army she might be the one fighting your corner.

But then again Sappers have never really given a fukc! :oops:
FieldDiscipline said:
geo7863 said:
OH god another bleeding lumpy jumper, she willl make OC and be the scourge of her squadron once a month!!
Not likely to be just once a month, sadly.
I know, her unit will be her train set and boy will she play with it whenever she wants!!

she should do the decent thing, resign and start making babies and cooking the fecking tea!!

I was lucky enough to have never served under a female hofficer (in any sense of the word) except the cardre officer was a split arse and that was just for 6 weeks, and of course most units I was in had a female Ack Adj but as everyone knows, they were just there as window dressing for the hofficers in RHQ!!
My troopy in the Gulf(91) was a sword of honour winner, damn nice chap he was too, so if she turns out like him, she'll make a good troopy. Best of luck to her.
The two premier awards at Sandhurst are The Sword and Queen's Medal.Only twice have they been won by the same person.Both became Sapper officers!