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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by wolfhunter, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    I have my main board in August, and while i dont wish to be over confidant i am planning on travelling for around 2 months after my main board, before hopefully attending sandhurst in January if all goes well.

    As such i was wondering if anyone new about the pre sandhurst visits which i believe takes place a few weeks before you start there to get you up to speed and get some admin done. Does anyone know how regularly these happen and how in advance of the course starting these occur roughly, as i dont really want to pay thousands of pounds for a trip i can no longer make?


  2. Good question, I'd like to know in relation to the May intake.
  3. Pre Commissioning Course Briefing Course. (PCCBC)

    AFAIK there's one per month in each of the three months preceeding your Sandhurst intake.
  4. The course you are talking about is the Pre Commissioning Course Briefing Course (PCCBC) and if you want dates ring the Officer Candidate Adminstration Cell

    OCAC Website

  5. Incidentally, what's the final date of AOSB (or best guess) for getting a place in the January entry?
  6. AOSB 2356

    24th-27th Nov
  7. Ah thanks, that's a load off. I was worried it might be in early October or something, late November is awesome.
  8. Keep in mind that the dates are not fixed, it all depends on how many applicants they have for that particular start date. I did Main Board at the start of June and the September intake had been fully booked for a while already. Therefore, don't go at the end of November thinking you will definitely get into RMAS in January because you may well be disappointed.
  9. I would be careful with dates as said before, I had my main board mid june and was hopin for the september intake but was fully booked, and have now booked on the january intake.
  10. Well I don't have my Main Board date yet, but I finished the forms and sent them off already, so I'll know when it is soon enough. There's nothing I can do to speed up the process, I just wanted peace of mind. And at the risk of asking a bone question, I heard that its normally twelve or so weeks from the army recieving the forms and Main Board dates, is that more or less accurate?
    And congratulations on your success at westbury, Flywinger.
  11. I have my AOSB Briefing in late Sept, and (all going well) Main Board 6 weeks afterwards, which I sincerely hope will get me in for the January intake, but realistically my ACA told me that the May intake is a likely prospect. I’m pinning my hopes on the fact that the Jan intake is usually the least popular, or so I’ve heard……

    Also, according to my ACA the PCCBC must be completed at least a month before the intake start date, so the last one for the Jan intake is the beginning of December.

    Good luck to anyone else heading for AOSB, congratulations to anyone who’s been successful!
  12. I've heard that it goes September, January and then May. September is the obvious start for school/uni leavers and January takes the overflow. May is not an obvious start for any one group.

    I hoped to make Jan but I think May is more realistic. Really don't want it to be any later, I'm 26 in May as it is (feck I'm getting old).
  13. Good lord, 26? You'd better not start any later indeed, you're nearly dead!!
  14. Tell me about it brother, do you think the colour sergeants will let me have my afternoon naps?
  15. I sent off my application for Main Board about four weeks ago, but Westbury haven't contacted me with dates or the like yet. Is this normal? Otherwise I'm begginning to think that my ACA might have died...