Sandhurst: specific training related to chosen crps/reg?

My question is, at Sandhurst most officers will have expressed a certain interest in a specific corps and regiment, there being so many different corps too choose from with varying and different roles to fulfil, is the training at Sandhurst a sort of generic training that all officers can then use irrelevant of the fact that they will serve in the Infantry, artillery, ect...?

I'm sure leadership is what they are looking for and ultimately that is the most important aspect of the selection/training, once an officer has been taught to lead properly then his position in the army is irrelevant I suppose and any specific training related to the corps the officer will be commissioned in will be provided once his or hers leadership skills are sharpened and up to standard.

I hope my question doesn't come across as being completely stupid.

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Yes, Sandhurst is a generic training programme, although using an infantry framework to teach leadership.

After you pass out each branch has their own specific training before you join your Regiment, as these courses are branch specific they tend to vary in length quite a bit.

Infantry have the Platoon Commanders Battle Course,

The Royal Engineers have what I've always heard being called the "troopys course"

Etc etc.

I'm sure someone who knows a lot more then me will come along a bit later and clarify it further, but that's the basic premise.


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You will never do so much drill again, nor polishing. The red tracksuit should be burnt immediately after and all issued PT kit cut up. Calling CSMs/RSMs sir and not being able to walk on certain parts of the grounds.

RMAS is its own cap badge - you definitely need to go on other courses to learn how to do other forms of soldiering.

The funniest bit is how young Ruperts get all ally around their chosen trade as they go the Special to Arms courses - berets are reshapen, smocks emerge and all kinds of backpacks seem to just appear. Very important to improve soldiering skills.

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