Sandhurst semester dates

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Chalky1989, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. I'm an Officer Cadet at a UOTC, with a year left on my university course. I'm planning on going to AOSB, and then main board before the end of my course, with the aim to go to Sandhurst, assuming everything goes to plan, in September next year.

    If I do get in and find myself at Sandhurst in just under a years time, what are the actual semester dates? I think I'm right in thinking that it takes 44 weeks, and that it's split between 3 semesters. Is the only time you get time away from Sandhurst at the end of each semester, or do you get the occasional weekend off, or a half term. Hopeful I know!
    Also, at the end of Sandhurst(Again, assuming I get to that point, not counting my chickens yet especially as I've not done the briefing yet!), do you go straight to your regiment, or do you get a break then as well?

    I'm just asking out of curiosity, as this won't influence my decision at all, I've made up my mind and want to join as a reg officer.

  2. Chalky1989 welcome.

    I presume you are British. Good. Sandhurst training is conducted during TERMS. Semester(s) is American terminology.
    The devil is in the detail.
    PS: Do not turn up for your interview and ask "How ya'all hangin"
  3. Thanks for the welcome!

    Yeah I'm British, I'm just used to using semester as it's what they use at University, it's become a habit I'm afraid. I'll try not to make a similar mistake at the interview, whenever that may be!