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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by cheese, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Looking to settle some nerves and misconceptions, form those who've been there and done it.

    From everyone i've spoken to, the phys at Sandhurst will be absolutely disgusting, and i am under no isillusions about that. However i have also heard someone else describe it as progressive. What is the situation really like?

    I am no racing snake in terms of the PFT and run in 9:30-9:40 at the minute. I am aware however that i'd be better to train on other typoes of fitness instead of purely towards a PFT. But what is the phys really like and what do guys struggle on?!?

    I have a little over a year before i start. What would you suggest as the ultimate preparation in that time, and what should i aim for in terms of the optimum starting position? PFT pass, MST pass, CFT pass, ACFT?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated... Thanks!
  2. Fronty

    Fronty Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Be prepared for the bleep test. Even if you can do a quick run, the bleep test could catch you out.

    As far as prep goes, I can only really suggest a balanced approach to general fitness. Lots of running, cross training, weights, swimming. Basically a decent fitness plan for strength, speed and endurance. Eat well, quit smoking, don't drink.
  3. What a load of bollocks. Eat well - yes. Quit smoking? Maybe, but I know plenty of racing snakes who smoke. Don't drink? Bollocks. Don't drink to excess every night - maybe, but not drinking will turn you into a social hand grenade who can't handle booze at the many functions...........
  4. The PT isn't honestly that bad, just try and get PFT down to 8.30 before you arrive as it will help. And if you can do plenty of hill walks with rucksack before you arrive, that will make the tabs easier.

    You have a year, so don't worry too much!
  5. 8:30 PFT are you having a girrafe?
  6. WTF is a girrafe?
  7. The Phys isn't the be all and end all. I agree that it does you no end of favours by being one of the fittest however just make the most of your year of freedom before you arrive. Don't change anything in terms of your lifestyle, keep smoking if you smoke and eating what you enjoy eating. The phys is progressive so don't expect to be running 18 miles on your first morning.

    In terms of a fitness plan ensure that you mix up your running with plenty of hill sessions, long runs and interval training and the activities suggested by Fronty. In respect to the question, "what do guys struggle on?", when I was there guys initially struggled with tabbing as it was something new. Follow the advice above and just do a bit of hill walking. It wont solve the problem but wont hurt either and make sure you properly break you boots in. 8:30 PFT.... nice one Paula Radcliffe good suggestion! Aim for around the 9 minute mark and you cant go wrong.

  8. It's mockney rhyming slang for having a laugh, why Dirk D is using it i don't know...he's from Cornwall and was awe struck by Westbury for having so many buildings all in one place. So i don't think he's moved to London anytime lately?
  9. 8 30 isn't that hard to achieve, he has 12 months to do it!

    May as well make it easier on yourself.
  10. It's all progressive - where required you're put in ability groups e.g. Interval training, hill reps etc. If doing pairs work the fastest and slowest will be paired to even it out.

    The phys is also structured: Juniors is a lot of interval and fartlek with mid range shorter tabs moving up to longer ones in prep for the CFT. Inters is a lot of hill reps, double sessions with shorter tabs aimed at the ACFT 1.
    Seniors is mostly endurance and weight with tab loads being 25kg+ with longer tabs e.g 8 miles followed by weighted runs akin to ACFT training. Believe they do ACFT 2 now as well. I may be wrong.

    The phys can be a lick out but it's all about a good attitude towards it and you'll enjoy it. The sessions are generally good fun as well as the PTIs are awesome.
  11. No need to Abercrombie & Fitch Torres, just looking for some Anneka Rice but looks as though I just need to grown some Davina McCalls. Could be that Tiata is talking a load of old Pony but I'd be more than happy with a tenner come the PFT...

    I hope I never have to do that again
  12. This fits in fairly well with my experiences, however Tab 1 at RMAS is 6 miles IIRC, and only the weight increases. CFT 1 is done week 13. Didn't really do any hills reps though, and only 1 steady state run.
  13. Never heard of ACFT 2???
  14. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    As someone who smoked and drank to the full capacity of a rugby playing graduate, I found the fitness at RMAS no grand challenge. It was progressive and got us all fitter, yes, but apart from the odd sweaty moment here and there, it was something we all went through.

    As the course progressed, the onus was more on us to maintain or increase our fitness so we started to go off on longer and longer runs. Certainly being fit for Warminster (I know it's moved) afterwards was our job, not the academy's.
  15. Just finished first term and i can tell you it is not that bad. turn up in half decent shape and be prepared to work haRd and most importantly never give up or drop out. They don't care if you are 9.30 or 8.30 so long as you improve whilst there and never give up on any of the pt lessons. Just get yourself to a decent level and do no more as your body will need to be rested before the process starts otherwise you will get niggles and injurys. They will constantly be telling you that you need to get your run time down and that in some areas you are weak but the in terms of the 'real army' you'll be fitter than most. Final tips:- make sure you pass the PFA on the first week, never ever give up on anything or fall back out of the pack and finally don't turn up with a niggle or injury. Good luck!