Sandhurst Parade

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Ozzin, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. I was looking at pictures of Sandhurst and I was wondering why they don't pass out with swords? I mean most officers on other parades (formal) will carry their swords so why not allow them to have them for their passing out parade at Sandhurst?
  2. One word: carnage

    Plus they're not officers until they pass off the square
  3. Not quite Occifers wiv knives!! God forbid, giving 'em spoons is a better idea, plastic ones at that!
  4. Don't worry, it'll doubtless come around again. In my day, we, the real Officer Cadets, passed off with SLRs and the filthy grad tarts ponced on with swords - none of them could hold them properly and frankly they looked like so many shiny quilled porcupines on the march. I think since those heady days it has been tried with everyone clutching swords and nowadays it's back to rifles again. The WRAC waddled on with nothing - they, due to the size of pace a woman took in those days, weren't allowed to march with us.
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  5. And still bitter?
  6. Are we ever!!
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  7. Has the factory stopped commissioning OCdts with swords now? We paraded with SA80s in inters and swords on commissioning, which I think is the best way (I would say that). It meant you understood what your soldiers would do and knew your own sword drill. Do YO's courses now incorporate sword drill or do parades at regiment just look abysmal?
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  8. In 1974 we were getting new colours; I was on guard early one morning when the junior officers were doing sword drill with the RSM. I was quite shocked that he was giving them such a hard time, much worse than I had ever see us mere mortals get.

    Well done Middy!
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  9. It changed in about 2008. Rumour has it that the commandant viewed them rehearsing, and thought they were utter tonk, so binned it.

    It was probably something to do with the cost of replacing/upkeep on, the swords, but why let the truth get in the way of a good story.
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  10. Defence cut backs...... swords are expensive.....

    The other reason is its a way of giving recognition to the outstanding cadets are the form the cadet officers for the parade us mere mortals formed the rank and file so parade with bangsticks and pig stickers... though I note the recent years seem to be passing out carrying something 'orrid - mind you we had to hold back the evil red hordes so we needed a proper gat.
  11. It's all terribly simple - see Queensman above. Until you pass off you are an OR and therefore carry a rifle. JUOs wafted a blade. Now in my day, WRAC had their own place so didn't waddle anywhere. If you stayed for RCC (and were therefore commissioned) you paraded with a sword and boy did it look untidy - much raised blood pressure in the Household Division chappies.
  12. During our commissioning:

    Class come forward in ranks of about 6/8 and swear the oath

    2 officers attach their pips and then their sword

    The Minster presents their commissioning scroll, which they then hand over to the BSM for safe keeping (getting first salute in the process)

    When the whole class has been commissioned, they draw swords and salute the old guard (officers who are already serving) who return the salute.

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  13. At the risk of being sensible:In my day, there was a heirarchy among cadets in the third term that mirrored Inf Bns, so that each Pl had a Junior Under Officer (Carried a Sword as a virtual Pl Comd); Cadet Sgts (Sash); Cadet Cpls (nothing for parades) and so on. Larger intakes had Senior Under Officers who also carried swords on parade - I believe they may have been virtual Company Commanders.
  14. They were virtual all right. I wonder how many JUO/SUO of the last 3 or 4 decades have made anything of themselves. None on my SMC (22) did, as far as I now. Willing to be proved wrong of course!
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  15. If that was 922 (the last SMC) I can assure you that one of them is a complete loser!