Sandhurst May Intake

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by hesco_donkey, Feb 12, 2011.

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  1. Hey,

    Does anyone know the date for the May intake this year?

  2. No..........................
  3. I do, but if you needed to know it then I'm pretty sure you would already
  4. Sunday 8th May, have my place booked!
  5. Book it yourself!
  6. At my initial interview, I was told that the May intake is very unsubscribed this year. More so than usual.
  7. Bew Glory, did you hear that from your ACA? I spoke to someone in RMAS recently and they said the intake is filling up pretty fast.
  8. I heard from a captain on a fam visit that at one point they were actually considering scrapping May as it was so undersubscribed but it is now slowly filling up
  9. Yes, I heard it from my ACA, a Major in the Royal Anglians just yesterday. He said it was a shame that I would miss the May intake because it is very unsubscribed. On a similar note, he also said that Westbury were taking more 'risks' in passing potentially borderline applicants and this has apparently resulted in a greater number of cadets either quitting Sandhurst or being held back. This sounded strange to me as logically Westbury should be recruiting to a standard rather than a quota. Regardless, its what he told me.

    The September and January intakes are still generally full.
  10. Cheers well my place is booked so that is two of us at least!!
  11. Make that 3... It's the 8th of May, for anyone who comes across this still interested.
  12. BrewGlory, not to my recent knowledge. Your tame Angle Iron may not have the full sp.

    May 2010, ie CC 1002, formed up with a strength of 250 (ish) IIRC. Can't say if there has been a unusually high drop-out rate, but have heard nothing to that effect.

    Old Rat
  13. 1002? Are you sure?

    And ref Westbury, risk passes to RMAS are increasing but the pass standard has not dropped. The number of applicants being turned down has actually increased if anything, possibly due to any tom dick and harry turning up because of the recession.

    May has always been the quiet intake anyway...
  14. Fantastic. So, Pimms by the lake, tea in bed courtesy of the CSgt, and starting the day at a leisurely 7am are on the cards then?

    Damn, thought not.
  15. May for me too.

    Anyone on the PCCBC next week?