Sandhurst Letter from APPG for Democracy in Bahrain Regarding King's Mons Hall

A letter has just been sent to General Major Tim Evans, Commandant of Sandhurst, regarding concerns over the King of Bahrain’s associations with the Foundation and the renaming of Mons Hall. Below is a brief outline of the contents of the letter.

With regard to the recent decision to rename Mons Hall at the Sandhurst Academy to The King Hamad Hall because of donations in excess of £3 million. Hamad AlKhalifa is a dictator who is responsible for the torturing and deaths of pro-democracy protesters and the mass persecution of the people of Bahrain because of their desire for freedom and democracy as part of the Arab Spring. To name a sports hall after him would be an insult to the memory of those who fought for freedom and democracy in World War I, the UK and the people of Bahrain. This is particularly poignant to those who gave their lives at this particular battle in Belgium in 1914 and their relatives, considering the 100[SUP]th[/SUP] anniversary will be next year. Hamad AlKhalifa is also the patron of the Sandhurst Foundation and is using money as a smoke screen for his lack of a worthy profile.

All Party Parliamentary Group for Democracy in Bahrain

Major General Tim Evans CBE DSO
Sandhurst Foundation
Royal Military Academy Sandhurst

20[SUP]th[/SUP] March 2013

Dear Major General Evans,

We are concerned over the King of Bahrain’s associations with the Sandhurst Foundation.

The Sandhurst Foundation is a respected and renowned institution with a global reputation. As such, we hope you will reconsider the Foundation’s relationship with King Hamid Al Khalifa of Bahrain and the damage being done to the Sandhurst Foundation through this link.

As you know, the past year has seen a series of tumultuous events in the Arab world. The majority of people in Bahrain have come together to speak with one voice for the human rights that this country has been proud to defend abroad for over 200 years. Yet rather than listen to the just complaints of the people, the Government has responded with a violent crackdown.

We respectfully suggest that it is inappropriate and incongruous for the King of Bahrain to be a patron of the Sandhurst Foundation, considering that he and his family control a regime which

· is accused of crimes against humanity at the International Criminal Court in the Hague. [SUP][SUP][1][/SUP][/SUP]
· has presided over the deaths of 88 people since the start of the pro-democracy uprising. [SUP][SUP][2][/SUP][/SUP]
· has seen people tortured and summarily sentenced by military courts - some even sentenced to death or life imprisonment.[SUP][SUP][3][/SUP][/SUP] Carried out “deliberate” and “systematic” torture against many of the people it arrested[SUP][SUP][4][/SUP][/SUP]
· has ordered 2,929+ cases of arbitrary arrest[SUP][SUP][5][/SUP][/SUP]
· has a reported 1,866+ cases of torture and ill treatment[SUP][SUP][6][/SUP][/SUP]
· has 500 prisoners of conscience[SUP][SUP][7][/SUP][/SUP]
· has a 23-year-old man on death row (execution in Bahrain is carried out by a firing squad)
· uses its security forces to stand watch over hospitals while medical personnel and people are denied medical treatment. At least 50 doctors have been expelled, imprisoned and summarily tried in military courts.
· has destroyed at least 57 places of worship
· undertook 4,439+ summary sackings and 534 students were expelled from university[SUP][SUP][8][/SUP][/SUP]
· exiled 500 people

With regard to the renaming of Mons Hall, it would seem inappropriate to change the name from a place where British men gave their life for freedom and democracy to name it after the King of Bahrain who denies his people those very rights. I would urge you to reassess the decision to rename the Mons Hall and assess whether this would be an appropriate move in the view of the British public.

We therefore suggest that you conduct a review of the Foundation’s links with the King of Bahrain, with a view to ensuring that your own reputation is not adversely affected by the connection with the unacceptable practices of this hereditary dictatorship.

Yours sincerely,

Andy Slaughter, MP, Chair

The APPG for Democracy in Bahrain:

APPG Members

Rushanara Ali, MP
David Amess, MP, Vice Chair
Lord Avebury
Tom Brake, MP
Guto Bebb, MP
Katy Clark, MP
Ann Clwyd, MP
Jeremy Corbyn, MP
Baroness Falkner
Kate Green, MP
Shabana Mahmood, MP
Michael Meacher, MP
Patrick Mercer, MP
Matthew Offord, MP
Eric Ollerenshaw, MP
Yasmin Quereshi, MP
Margaret Ritchie, MP
Andy Slaughter, MP, Chair
Baroness Tonge
Paul Uppal, MP

[HR][/HR][SUP][SUP][1][/SUP][/SUP] Bahrain Campaign (www.Bahrain

[SUP][SUP][2][/SUP][/SUP] Bahrain Centre for Human Rights

[SUP][SUP][3][/SUP][/SUP] Amensty Int., HRW, BCHR

[SUP][SUP][4][/SUP][/SUP] Bassiouni reoprt

[SUP][SUP][5][/SUP][/SUP] Ibid

[SUP][SUP][6][/SUP][/SUP] Bahrain Centre for Human Rights

[SUP][SUP][7][/SUP][/SUP] Ibid

[SUP][SUP][8][/SUP][/SUP] Bassiouni report
Dear APPG,

Please go and wobble your heads. When British MP's can stand with a straight face and say that 'MP's aren't a bunch of self serving gits', I will listen to them. In the meantime I'm off for a great big sh*t. If it concerns you that much, why don't you fund defence properly so that we don't have to go cap in hand to foreign money bags?

Lots of love

just remind me which countries dont torture or persecute their fellow countrymen in some form or manner?
their must be at least a handful if your correct?????
I understand the issue, considerable amounts of money has changed hands, yet none of those MPs received any slush money from Bahrain. Democracy doesn't pay for itself afterall!


Book Reviewer
"With regard to the renaming of Mons Hall, it would seem inappropriate to change the name from a place where British men gave their life for freedom and democracy"

An interesting take on the causes of the Great War. I thought we were fighting to provent German hegemony on the continent and to preserve our imperial possessions and wealth from the greedy Hun.
Is this the same Mons Hall that isn't actually a memorial to Mons, but which is a shabby shed?

Bahrain is a foul country and we take the money and run when allowing the idle progeny of a corrupt elite through the commissioning course. Why not do the same when they want to hand over the ackers for a new shed?

I'm surprised that the floppies haven't stumped up for something more appropriate like a three-lane motorway linking the academy to King's Cross so they can get more whoring in.

But it looks like this is a useful outrage-hamster-wheel for some of our more productive MPs so crack on. I'm sure the Comdt's in-tray is better for it.
Dear General

I can't even remember which hall it was so cannot be emotionally too attached. I hear a rumour it used to be the Gym, but I was too busy being beasted to and from said establishment by a bone-headed Guardsman to notice the name. Once in the hall I was too busy trying to breath to take in the historical significance.

I love the irony of calling the building after a Rag-head king, especially in the light of the piss-poor attempts at PT by most OCdts from that region.

Can we be assured that Churchill hall will be re-named once Labour get back into power - Blair Hall has a ring to it as does New Labour College. Victory College also has nasty undertones of elitism and colonial power - time for a review perhaps.

I remain Sir
Your Obedient servant etc etc

Herrumph (SMC28 )


Book Reviewer
"Dear Herumph,

give us 3 million quid and we'll call it what you want.


Major General Snodgrass."

Don't know what all the fuss is about - a bloke gives the country a load of dosh and all he wants is a hall named after him. If I gave the army that kind of money I'd at least want a nosh off the prettiest cadet.

I have now finished my big poo. In light of your comments regarding the King of Bahrain, I did not think it appropriate to name the poo after him.

Lots of love

I’m actually heartened that there are so many Parliamentarians that are not totally enthralled with Rag hat cash. The way Blair/ Cameron et al have prostituted this country, its institutions and reputation could make one think that there true loyalties are to the Saudi /Qatari heads of state rather than Her Majesty.

Still now that the banks and politicos have bankrupted us, and effectively emasculated the Armed forces. The only influence that they can buy is William Haig talking crap about Syria on the News.

As an aside the amount of money that the Qatari’s seem to be pumping into London lately could indicate their preferred bolt hole when the Arab spring gets to that part of the gulf.
Wasn't this a topic on Arrse a while ago? Seems we'll need bigger facilities when Sandhurst becomes the new tri-service Defence Force Academy in 2020, why not have foreign potentates foot the bill? Could always scour the country for old Nissen huts I suppose, there must still be a few in Cultybraggan or Altcar, a much more politically correct alternative and, perhaps, within the budget - if one were to chop another infantry Bn.
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