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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by NicholasWilks, Sep 16, 2011.

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  1. Hi,
    Am going to RMAS next year and was wondering what kit you can get away with. I am not talking about field kit, but stuff in your lines. I have seen the joining instructions, but people seem to get away with other things that are not on the list, e.g. laptop, ipod radio, ect...

    I was wondering if you can get away with a trouser press or ironing press? This is just one of a few pieces, but in general what other things can you take with you. I understand you cant take a flat screen TV, but what over and above the standard kit list can you get away with or is suggested.

    Any advice or personal experiance would be great!


  2. Or a little dremmel drill for polishing! Joke! haha
  3. Are you honestly asking if you can take a trouser press to Sandhurst?
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  4. I have seen all the things youve mentioned at Sandhurst, If your DS are on side and you are a Minor Arab Sheik you can have a trouser press.
  5. What do you think your batman does for heavens sake? Although you may be lucky and be issued a batwoman. :)
  6. Why not, things such as laptops and dictaphones are not on the list but are accepted. So why not this?
  7. Because laptops and dictaphones assist the course in producing paperwork and accurate lesson notes. Trouser Presses help you get more sleep, and lesser quality creases in your kit.

    You are aware that RMAS exists to duck you about for 44 weeks so that only people with an incredible tolerance of bullshit survive to command blokes. If you remove the bullshit how arey ou going to deal with the shit at Bn and how can your new unit know you arent going to go AWOl when its shit if you didnt have your morale broken by a fastidious Csgt with more interest in pacing old college square than understanding the role of the 2nd Lt.
  8. Don't try to be funny here; you will probably get no mercy. At RMAS (bearing in mind my info is 6 years old, and each Pl/Coy DS are different) you will have very limited access to your own kit in the first 5 weeks - all we were allowed was a radio/alarm clock (Tuned to Radio 4). After you pass off the square, it relaxes slightly, and you are allowed more of your own kit (inc Laptops etc). I wouldn't take a trouser press for 3 reasons - 1) you may not be able to use it for the first 5 weeks, 2) You WILL be mocked. Incessantly. 3) Much better to buy a decent quality Iron with a good steam resevoir.

    I'm sure there'll be someone with more recent info along soon to help.

  9. Am not sure the part about the Csgt is strictly correct, but i understand your point and Pillager has seen them, so that was what i was just trying to work out.
  10. Being the grey man works, the grey man doesnt have a trouser press unless he is Alan Partridge!

    if your determined to make your life easy get some GHD hair straighteners - you can press trousers still on the trouser hanger with them (but I never said that, and yes I did enjoy my extra half hour in bed every night)
  11. The Csgts report is written on various things, but when the RSM grades the Platoon on their drill it reflects on yours Csgt, whilst even he might not care for it, the Blue Red Blue that run RMAS love the stuff and in terms of SJARs its their time to shine publicly you will learn how to form three from two ranks (in order to fire effectively in volley fire) You may not spend as much time learning what the army is meant to provide for its soldiers outside of the immediacy of training. Its a ball ache, Drink the Kool-aid and get through it.
  12. In all honesty does anyone ever actually use a dictaphone - apart from tabloid journalist hacks of course?
  13. Don't take more than two polo ponies and make sure that you pack lashings of ginger beer.
  14. The RMAS Joining Instructions used to have a paragraph that specified, "Do not bring guns or dogs." Presumably this was in there as young gentlemen had turned up with, you guessed it, guns and dogs. I can just imagine a C/Sgt doing backflips on encountering Bunty Fortescue-Smythe, destined for the 19th/23rd Vulgar Fractions, with hounds in tow. "Dogs, Sir, I'll tell you exactly where to put your ******* dogs!"

    Just to clarify, scrub the guns and dogs from your kit list.
  15. Unlike the Colour Serjeant, Bunty would have, of course, known that 19/23 is not a vulgar fraction.
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