Sandhurst kit list query

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Jewel, Sep 24, 2009.

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  1. I am due to start at RMAS in January and have just received the joining instructions, which include a kit list. One of the items suggested as 'desirable, but not essential' is a laminator.

    I'm thinking of getting one but I am not sure what it will be used for (laminating things, obviously, but what?), so could anyone shed light on this?

    This will help because I will then know which size pouches to buy to go with it. I know this is a question I could ask at the Pre-Commissioning Course Briefing but the pouches are on a buy-on-get-one-free offer at the stationers at the moment so thought I'd make the most of it!

    Gosh. Big post for such a simple query.

  2. Don't buy one.

    Buy big rolls of Fablon and waterproof everything with elbow grease and a sock - you'll learn how. Good luck.
  3. Handy but not essential.

    Wait until you get there and get one between yoru section, much easier way of doing it.

    A5/A4 pouches are whats needed, not a big deal as you can trim afterwards.

    Im boring myself here!
  4. Generally to waterproof your aides-memoire/TAMS

    You're probably not going to need to laminate anything that is A3 in size.

    I would suggest lots of A6 (a nice pocket size)and A5, maybe a dozen A4 just in case.
  5. Ok that makes sense.

    Thanks very much for the responses, much appreciated.
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  6. pimm's,pimm's and more pimm's
  7. Things may have changed since my day when we had to make bed-blocks
    and have your kit layed out and squared away on your shelves.

    As a consequence we would have a complete set of duplicates - both clothing & bedding - that were never used .
    Just dusted down before room inspections.

    Good luck BTW!
  8. Duplicates? Of bedding as well as clothing? Is the kit not issued to you, presumably in the correct quantity? How on earth does one get hold of a duplicate set!? Or am I exposing a dreadful lack of initiative here?

    Thanks for the good luck, I think I'm going to need it. No military background, and at the upper end of the age limit, I think I'm in for a sharp transition from civilian life!

    But shocking good fun, I'm sure... (emphasis being on the shock)
  9. Ironing Board.
  10. Good question.
    But where there's a will, there's a way.

    I just remember that acquiring a full set of kit displayed on ahelving
    made it so much easier, than having to launder white PT shirts etc
    that had been exposed to fequent muddy outings on the assault course.

    I would have hoped that bed blocks made from sheets & blankets have
    gone by now. If aged memory serves me correctly we used sleeping bags.

    Mind you the kit has changed a lot too.
    P'haps more recent cadets will post their thoughts.

    Don't worry - but expect the first 5 weeks to be rather busy & noisy.
    But after Brigade Squad -sadly long since gone- it was a breeze.
  11. Some utter balls spoketh above, get a laminator, and as many pouches as you can afford; me and my room-mate got through 300 A4 pouches in juniors.

    In the Army any piece of paper which is going to be pinned to a noticeboard or put to any kind of use for more than 20 minutes has to be laminated, and possibly mounted on coloured card.

    A surprising amount of my "own time" at the 'hurst was spent producing signs, displays and other sundry bits of information, laminating them, mounting them and pinning them on walls, only to have to change it all a week later because someone had left their key off the board and we all had to change rooms. A laptop and printer are pretty key too; if possible get a printer that scans, photocopies and prints photos as well; mine does all that for a mere £70 from Tesco's.

    Aside from that, just be fit and bring a good iron, as long as you keep your ears open and your brain switch 'on' you'll pick up the rest.

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  12. I've heard that it is fairly common for everyone to have a 2nd set of 'best' kit in the boot of their car ready to swap in for inspections? Urban myth?
  13. Really? Either you had a dreadful DS or else you were wasting an awful lot of your own time on trying to make everything look gucci - unnecessarily.

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  14. I'll go with dreadful DS, although it wasn't just our platoon.
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  15. It won't harm to have a laminator, but there will be enough kicking around the lines that you can get by without one.