Sandhurst (Jan 13 Intake) Space/Storage Allotments?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by sennybridgeDJ, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Dear listeners

    I am bringing my mixer/decks with me to RMAS and was wondering if there will be somewhere to store them in my room? If not I presume there would be a luggage room? Any replies from peeps who have been to Sandhurst would be most useful.

    Thanks in advance
  2. There is a luggage room but everyone launches bags around in it. Probably leave them in your car or leave them at home, at least for juniors! You will have 0 time to look at them anyway
  3. Have you been sniffing 'Charlie' off of them?

    You have a head full of magic stars and magic, haven't you?

    What next...Sandhurst block party! "Big shout going out to the commandant!"

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  4. Oor... if you leave them in your room, I guarantee you will pass every room inspection after the first one with flying colours.
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  5. Wah.
  6. PS. If this is not in fact, a wah, then I suggest you wait until you are allowed to personalize your room to bring them. Otherwise they will be squashed under the weight of the 20 other grips which get shoved on top of yours in the worlds smallest baggage room for 35 cadets crap.
  7. You won't be allowed it in your room till at least week 6 (nor will you prob want any other 'extras' in there till then anyway). After then for the 1st term at least it'll be no more use than an ornament, a rotating shoe display perhaps? So if you've got somewhere else to keep it I probably wouldn't bother bringing it with you to start with. You might afford yourself some time to use it in 2nd or 3rd term but even then sleep/admin usually trumps such luxuries.